God I Hate Enchanting

Naturally, being in the 'fuck enchanting in this game' category, I decided to make something to make it more... Bearable for me to do (not really, this system sucks). Someone asked for it, figured I'd upload it instead of just giving it to that person.

Currently it's only for Augmentation, because I don't have conjuration. Should be easily modifiable to include conjuration, though, if you're even passably-capable of reading code. (I'm not gonna explain how, because fuck Enchanting). Didn't plan on giving this out in the first place, so take it or leave it.
To use after installing:
  • ouro <num> <num> set the ids for each ouroboros. Yes I know you can just do ouroboros.1 and ouroboros.2 (or something like that), don't care! Change the script's default settings if you wanna use that.
  • aug <enchant> <where?> to begin enchanting (the 'where' isn't always needed). Example: aug waterwalk boots to put waterwalking on some boots. If it's something that requires an item, then it'll tell you as much. If it's something like meteor arrows, it'll tell you it doesn't require an item, and to simply just do aug meteor.

Have fun. Please don't ask me questions. I don't like talking to people. It works for me just fine on a blank profile, so if it doesn't for you then PICNIC.


  • Can’t thank you enough for the scripts etc you share!
  • I made something similar so all I have to do is MAKE # <ITEM>. Showed it to someone and they asked too many questions.  Now it is just for me.

     I don't know how Vadi and the WSys crew deal with all the pissing and moaning and complaints and requests.  "You wrote me a whole curing system, can you also modify it to use AI and select the best offense to pursue based on opponent class, strength, and their personal fighting style as well?"

    No. I was nice and let you change the curing prios.

    "Wow, what an asshole to work with"

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    Caelan said:
    Showed it to someone and they asked too many questions.  Now it is just for me.

    95% of the reason I don't really give things out. If I do, it's always with the disclaimer that you work it out yourself if something breaks.
    Want help with something I made? Pay me for it. It's free for a reason. Not happy with that? Don't use it!

    I love the classic, "So-and-so would do it for me!" - Great! Go and ask them, then!
    Or, "RandomPerson has a better version!" - Awesome. Use theirs, then.

  • I enjoy talking about scripts with people, If I have annoyed any of you in the past, it wasn't my intention.
    I agree, Vadi has supernatural levels of patience and is very generous with his time.

    I'd like to think that I give as much as I take by helping where I can in the mudlet clan and the discord channels, but I've taken a lot so who knows.

    Your scripts have been very helpful to me, thank you

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