Long time Dormant

Hey all,

I have been dormant for a very very long time and am currently cityless, I remember very little but keen to get back into Achaea.
I am level 56 but I'm sure whether to start over with an ALT or find a new city, thoughts? 


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    Nothing wrong with 'waking from a long sleep and not remembering things, walking around to experience new cities".  People do it all the time.

    Hell I was dormant almost 5 RL years, woke up and my damn city was underwater and no longer existed. 

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    Starting with a disposable alt, will get you through the newbie stuff and allow you to regain some player knowledge and changes that you'll have missed out on since going dormant.

    Then continue with either the alt, or go back to your main, so that you at least have basics skills to work with.

    As for joining a City. That depends on what kind of fun you want from Achaea.

    If you want dark RP, Mhaldor seems to fit that bill, and I have it on good authority that they have some serious RP stuff happening there.
    I don't quite know what Ashtan is up to these days, but they seem to be having some fun with chaos, so if you want to be in a city with an active god, that might be fun for you.

    As for Targ and Hashan ... well yea, not a fan, but that's just me.

    For just about everything else, Eleusis. But I'm bias so don't take my word for it. Explore and make up your own mind.

    If your game is more PVP, honestly pick a city and go with the flow. There's more than enough RP reasons to engage in PVP from anywhere with anyone. So ... have fun.

    Alternatively, and I'm seeing much more of this happening now: Go Rogue.

    Some people just cant stand the indoctrination cities seem to enforce now, so Rogue seems to have become a way to avoid that, and still have fun. It also seems far less penalising to be rogue than it used to be.

    Again though, these are just opinions, stick around and get to know a few characters in game. You'll find what you are looking for, Achaea has fun for everyone. All you have to bring is an idea of what kind of fun you want.
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    Before finalising on minifie I had a few alts over the place trialling cities and getting used to all the new stuff, and it you find you spot you can easily move your main over, or can keep running with that character’s momentum too!
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