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For the experienced Depthswalkers out there. How do you approach a fight? What do you try and do to make it easier to obtain your targets shadow? What do you do to ensure a kill afterwards?

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  • well there's several routes to getting the shadow, but the easiest is probably just using leach/degeneration combo with chrono loop boost. should stack up nicely, but from there, you can do all kinds of things, from an all out lock to just going for a dictate using depression or somesuch and mutilate. 

    That said, I'm not a super great depthswalker combatant (or any other class for that matter) but that's generally how I look at it.

    I've seen all manner of creative combinations used in depthswalker to do locks, to get the dictate insta, etc. It's a very versatile class.
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