Mudlet multimatch triggers

Hi, it has been a long time.

I don't have the kind play of time that I used to but I've been thinking about getting into the world again. I'm attempting to get back into this with a little trigger based project just to get reaquainted with mudlet.
I'd like to parse one of the many chunks of text that Achaea gives you in that typical spacebar separated tabular format. In this case I'm experimenting with the Humgii races:
Name                 Age   Pnts   Jockey          Wgt   J Pnts   Win          Place        Show    
The Flying Lunchman  117   6527   Kao Meijai      17    53119    19:1 (60cr)  4.2:1 (15cr) 1.7:1(8cr)
Gred                 247   15702  Evrett Loteshur 23    26581    19:1 (58cr)  4.2:1 (15cr) 1.9:1(8cr)
Chomps               220   8129   Janube Mokwaha  21    41346    18:1 (56cr)  5.4:1 (19cr) 2.3:1(10cr)
Kiss My Sass         198   7704   Annabelle Tizzl 15    55267    15:1 (48cr)  2.8:1 (11cr) 1.3:1(7cr)
Mr. Mighty           201   42193  Tomua Tontiken  18    58412    1:2.5 (4cr)  1:6.4 (3cr)  1:14(3cr)
Behemouth            252   6487   Sarma Anta      23    19865    249:1 (750cr 28:1 (85cr)  11:1(34cr)
Roasted n' Toasted   152   12855  Akello Birungi  24    39013    19:1 (60cr)  3.4:1 (13cr) 1.4:1(7cr)
The Blue Wobble      232   3954   Arbela Shamash  20    36504    82:1 (250cr) 12:1 (40cr)  5.7:1(20cr)
I have came up with this regex to get most of the individual data pieces:

I can get the client to parse out a single line of the table into the matches[] table, but I'm having a tough time configuring a trigger to take all 8 lines of the output.

Here are my efforts with just 2 of the lines:

I'm getting a single line completing the trigger and the multimatch table filling up each row with the most recent line of data, instead of multimatching one row for each line:

I feel like I'm missing something about how multi line triggers are supposed to work. I suspect that many of you have been through this before, surely I'm not the only one to attempt to parse out one of these tables.
I've been taking a data analysis class and I thought it would be fun to experiment with some of these game tables. In this case I'm trying to capture the Humgii table to experiment with different betting strategies.

I think I'm missing something in the regex that will specify that the items I'm attempting to capture are on separate lines. Does anyone have the clue that I need?


  • Have your trigger match one line at a time (you've already done this), and store the data from each line in a table.
  • Okay, I'm going about it that way now. The muti-match triggers remain a solution in search of a problem, I'm sure we'll return to those in the future.
    In the meantime I have a lovely little table going with all the racer data:

    I'm in the process of scripting up a routine that will recommend bets based on number of tickets using the minimum payout loop technique found elsewhere on the forums. Once I have that in a functional state I'll then be in a position to experiment with other strategies.

    I can't help but suspect that the information given in the racetrack list can somehow be used to predict success in the races beyond the odds calculation, if only we could discern the pattern. This whole pursuit could just as easily be a dummy mission with no pattern to be discovered, we'll see.
    Thanks for the hint!

  • I'ts alive!

    I've been converting tickets to credits at about 3 per using @Sena 's technique from a couple years ago. It was a tedious bit of scripting to put this together and I still need to clean things up, but at least I can make better use of the racetrack tickets than I had before. I was hoping to capture a lot of races and try to discern any patterns, but I'm sick of humgii races for now, we can build on it later.

  • Nice work! also describes how to do data capture.

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