Looking for "adopted family:

I recently returned to Achaea after a bit of time away. I decided to just start a new character, as this seemed the easiest way for me to get back into the groove of things. So here is a little about my new character. His name is Torran and he is a Tash'la. However, he was found upon the Prime Material at a very young age (left behind for whatever reason by his biological parents) and as a result, he remembers little about his biological family or the ways of his race. Do to not having access to the amounts of dormium that most young tash'la ingest, his crystalline growths are very different. They are void of color and somewhat brittle. He seems to be much more docile than his race is known for being, with interests that include scholastic and creative professions and hobbies.

What I am looking for in RP:

- A family that is Nature-Neutral.
- A family that is interested in helping me co-create a rich personal story for Torran.
- Active and upstanding adventurers/family, known for being good participants in their organizations.

Currently, Torran is a member of Eleusis, the Heartwood Kin, and a Sylvan. Which I don't see me changing anytime soon. So ideally family would have to at the very least be able to work within friendly or neutral terms with those organizations and their values.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from anyone that might be interested. 


  • Torran said:

    Image result for what drives a man to be neutral kif gif
  • Minifie said:
    Torran said:

    Image result for what drives a man to be neutral kif gif
    And yet again the hagson family is denied another potential nature-evil recruit to cause root damage to housing foundations and cackle. 

  • I suggest looking for this in game! Hang around at the top of the gatehouse or along the main road in Eleusis and chat with people. Try to strike up some roleplay as you do your novice and HR5 tasks. You'll find some folks to RP with that way. 
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