Mudlet/Lua commissions

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Greetings, all.

This post is mostly to introduce myself, although also, I would seek to make people aware of my availability for coding commissions.

Whilst I am new to Achaea, I have been playing IRE games for the best part of fifteen years and have extensive experience in all games. I have two successful curing systems in wide use in other games, and as such, I seek work at this time.

I have been coding in a wide range of languages for well in excess of two decades and as such, seek coding work. Whilst Lua is relatively new to me, (My use spans around two years). I am fully proficient in the language and given my experience with IRE based gaming, would look to complete any coding jobs you may have at this time in a very timely fashion. 

I am intimately familiar with the Mudlet API, being a constant member of the support channel on and using the client since very early beta.

In short, I seek your credits. So long as your requests do not involve full curing systems, I am happy to take on any work at this stage. Should you require confirmation of my ability, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance and I will be more than happy to provide references and the like, both from existing customers, but also from Achaea players. I have a broad range of both customers and links available to provide reassurance, but that aside, can assure utmost discretion and high quality of work.

Should any persons be interested in hiring me, please do not hesitate to contact me in the first instance at: or alternatively: to discuss any possible work.

Thank you, in anticipation!

Innovate or Die.
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