Mudlet 3.18 - Dictionary, Trigger colors, Update note

This update lets you select and add more languages for spell-checking; indicators for different trigger types are back by popular demand; Mudlet shows available updates; and much more...

More spell-checking dictionaries

Until now, Mudlet would check the correct spelling of anything you write. When any errors are recognised, your words would receive a red underlining. However, this check was only done in English language.

Starting now, you can adjust this spell-check to other languages as well. Additionally, you can add your own words to the dictionary where you feel necessary, so they are remembered for later checks.

German dictionary recognizes German text. Unknown words are underlined in red, whereas user-defined words are blue.

These features can also be used from Mudlet Lua scrips with the new addWordToDictionary, removeWordFromDictionary and getDictionaryWordList functions. All credit goes to SlySven!

Color indicator for trigger types

In Mudlet 3.17 we removed the colored text for different trigger types, because their redability did not harmonize well enough with dark Mudlet themes. However, many users let us know they miss the easy indication of which type of trigger was chosen in each line. That is why we bring back the color indicators by popular demand. Now it will display in the form of a seperate colored box next to the actual text. We are looking forward to receive your proposals for actual icons shown in their place.

Mudlet shows available updates

For some time now Mudlet can automatically download and install any updates to new versions for you. If you did not activate this feature, now Mudlet will at least show you, when a new version is available. This way you can review the changes, and decide for yourself, if you want to update or not.

Mudlet menu indicates available updates

This way you can click to review the changes, and then decide for yourself, if you want to update Mudlet or not. Thanks to SlySven for this upgrade.

Command separator API

Many players have changed their command separator from the default ; sign (semi-colon), because they like to let their smileys wink, etc. ;-) - and we're looking to change the default to this. We have to be careful though not to break existing scripts which use expandAlias("command1;command2") already, however. Meanwhile, make sure you use sendAll("command1", "command2") instead!

For this upcoming change, you can now also use a new getCommandSeparator function to find and use the current user's command separator dynamically. Thanks to demonnic for adding this function.


Thanks to all our contributors for improvements in code, translations, or helping the Mudlet community in forums, discord, everywhere!



  • "add words to dictionary" right-click feature
  • addWordToDictionary(), removeWordFromDictionary(), getDictionaryWordList()
  • color boxes to trigger patterns
  • added getCommandSeparator()


  • Your game name will be shown in Discord (if you enable game display in Discord & Mudlet knows it)
  • macOS shortcuts for both package and module manager aligned to Windows & Linux
  • got rid of "wrong argument type" messages for getTime(), appendCmdLine(), uninstallModule(), reloadModule(), registerAnonymousEventHandler(), printCmdLine()
  • Unicode tables updated to 11.0
  • word-wrap won't put periods and commas on a line of their own line anymore


  • re-opening a closed user window will show it again
  • event handlers can still be added after all are removed in UI
  • GMCP for Discord small/large icons & text fixed
  • GA (Go-Ahead) status is now correctly reset upon reconnecting
  • background color matching has been fixed
  • large HTML log files won't take ages to open in browser anymore (since a recent update)
  • Mudlet won't freeze when closing a securely-connected profile with a self-signed certificate

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