Offering Snail Mail Comms

Hey folks, been trying to get back into doing more Achaea things as I've been super nostalgic lately, and I figured this might be a good way to do it! Please keep in mind this is for traditional art only at the moment as my tablet's having some pretty bad issues and so digital commissions are closed until April, most likely. If you'd like to view samples of those and get a quote or reserve a digital slot, let me know! 

I'll be doing these on a 3-slot basis just in order to keep things organized. All proceeds from any commissions go towards my basic life costs, i.e. food, gasoline, and reinvesting in more art supplies to continue offering commissions. 


This is a real quick Lels to note the different options and general style, obviously a bit more effort tends to go into paid things. Also, I'm a really bad photographer, so, uh.


  • Following links are previous customers' postings of their commissions! Mainly black and white as that was the previous special. 
  • xxx / x / x / xx / x / x 
  • You can also opt for a 2.5 x 3.5" ‘playing card’ of thick card stock. Rounded corners, B&W, bordered. $4 USD each. Lamination option and surcharge also available.
  • I offer a print of the month; in the random event someone would like one, February's is this and they are 8 x 10" at $12 USD including shipping, within U.S. only. They come signed.


  • Please send payment in USD to me by PayPal after we agree on your details - I don’t keep stamps on hand, so you’re essentially paying for your postage plus a small tip. 
  • Must be comfortable giving me your mailing address and a name to send to. Nicknames and character names are fine, except with international mail. I’ve had experiences before where they will return to sender if there doesn’t appear to be a proper name unfortunately.
  • I’m perfectly willing to ship internationally, but please note that I’ll have to charge you a little extra since international stamps have to be bought separately and cost a little more! Add another $1.50 on top of the base price.
  • Let me know if you want to see your art before it’s mailed or leave it as a surprise, please! I will let you know when I’ve shipped it either way. 
  • Typically time between receiving details and shipment is two weeks maximum, excluding special circumstances.
  • I do have a system in place in the event your commission is lost in the mail. Typically, give it 1-2 weeks (usually mostly applicable for international, but) and if you haven’t gotten it, I’ll offer you a few options. I want to make sure you get your money’s worth. So far, no mail has been lost though! (:
  • Please let me know if you don't want your piece posted on my Twitter, etc. as permission to post art is implied unless specified otherwise.

Please contact me at or meatslap supreme#2006 (yeah I know) as I don't check forums often and it's easier for me to save your details on email or Discord! Or Twitter DMs @ explodeabeau.

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