Discord Server for Blind and Visually Impaired Mushclient Users

edited January 2019 in Client Help

So, I've created a server with several channels dedicated to discussing and sharing Mushclient settings and scripts from everything to hunting, trade skills, seafaring, and PVP. The channel is skewed towards adapting these settings to benefit blind players, e.g. ongoing development of a sound pack, helpful trigger substitutes and gags, and dealing with afflictions.


While the server is dedicated towards this endeavor, anyone who thinks they can help or want to help are welcome. I, for example, had someone who is a Nexus user send me all their fishing settings, and I was able to make a pretty OK fishing setting to help with timing teases and jerks.


As Discord server links are time sensitive, anyone who wishes to join, please send me a Discord message.




Confused? Don't know what Discord is? Go here:



It isn't terribly screen-reader friendly, but it is very much doable, and if you are playing Achaea via Mushclient, you have the skills to use it. If you need that initial push to get started, however, please direct message me and I can help you out. Discord is an invaluable tool.


Thanks, everyone.


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