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Mind Crush

RinnaiRinnai Posts: 9Member
I've seen several mentions of Tekura (I presume using the COMBO attack) compared to MIND CRUSH & Shikudo. I've got to transcendent in Tekura and am a one-man murdering army now. Still, since MIND CRUSH is better than Tekura (reputedly) I want to understand how it works. If I train up Telepathy and switch to using MIND CRUSH instead of COMBO, is that expected to be a bump in damage going out? Does Telepathy have advantages to overtraining as Tekura does (improved Tekura is better accuracy)?


  • DupreDupre M.Posts: 231Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Crush is only better damage if you swap spec to quickwitted+Int and throw in a diadem
  • RinnaiRinnai Posts: 9Member
    I see, so Crush is conditionally better. Is Shikudo always better than Tekura?
  • DupreDupre M.Posts: 231Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Yes it is
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