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Nexus video learning adventure

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Hey guys, I logged into Jonathin for an hour to make a video while I was learning about Nexus and Javascript. 

A bit of a preface:
I started this process bringing only the knowledge that I gained from Lua. There are not nearly as many gross weird noises as my old, old videos, but it's been a hot minute since I last made one so you'll have to bear with me if you want to follow along with this weird, rambling adventure of stuffing our brain places with KNOWLEDGE. 

I think that in the future, I'm going to swap over to Starmourn and mess around there, but just to get started, I kind of wanted something familiar.

Anyways, I without further ado, here is my (nearly) first foray into javascript and nexus stuff and things.

My site will remain up, but will not be maintained. The repository will continue to have scripts added to it if I decide to play another game. Maybe I'll see you around in Starmourn!
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