Prefacing this with I've only been playing Achaea for about a week now, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

Compared to the other cities in Achaea, how active would Targossas be considered playerwise?

I've seen a few running around and folks seem rather helpful and friendly, but I get this feeling reading stuff about the game that it's generally even more active. Is the game seeing a bit of a slump in activity due to the holidays and Starmourn having just opened, or are the current numbers just about normal?


  • There's been a massive slump since Starmourn release, unfortunately. :(
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    It is a combination of Starmourn release and the holidays, as you predict. 'Normally' however, I would say Targossas is one of the more active cities, more often with 20 or so people online (at their primetime/height).
  • Yeah, normally it is way more active than right now. 
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