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So I've been back in the game for about two months now... I had to take a few years of a break for college :( Before I took my break, when I would submit a sketch (after the revisions) it would be approved in a few days. (3 or 4 days) Has there been a change in the approval process? The sketches I've sent in after the revisions have been there for what feels like two or three weeks now. Is this the normal wait time now? Or is it because of logosmass or maybe some other reason? I wanted to submit something I was just curious if it would get back in time for logosmass

~~just curious>>


  • Different times of the year have different general approval times.

    Holidays usually take longer due to a combination of people submitting a lot of requests for in game events, and the volunteer staff being busy with real life during this time.

    3 weeks would be...really long, but I have a feeling it hasn't been that long for yours.

  • It's usually 3-4 days. My latest batch I've been waiting a week for, but I'd guess it's either Logosmas or Starmourn related. Last time I had a wait that long it ended right when they released Dragon Lairs.
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  • I've had tailoring designs out for two weeks, but people get busy and it's totally worth it to have all this custom stuff. I think there's a big glut of new submissions near holidays, too. 
  • I designed a recipe that I had a friend submit for me, and it's been in for over an IG year. I have a few jewellery designs that I'm waiting to get back, as well, that haven't been in for quite as long. I figure with all the stuff going on at the back end of things, plus it being the holidays, and the uptick in design submissions that occurs around the IG holidays, this is normal. Just gotta be patient. 
  • I have like 5-8 designs I've been waiting on for maybe an IC year? Frustrating but normal for Logosmas and I understand why (and it's my own fault for not getting them in way sooner).
  • Weird. I had a shirt I designed, submitted, and got back a couple RL days later, just a few days ago.
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