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capturing multiple lines from nexus?

MarloMarlo Posts: 3Member
I've been trying to make triggers based on lists, or things in multiple lines. One example is:

while sailing past a ship, to scan it and then say aloud to other people on board who's on that ship, so they know that there's no trouble, or to get ready for a fight?  The lines looks like this when I do shipscan:

Aboard <SHIP> , you see:
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3

Then I want to say <name 1>, <name 2>, and <name 3> are on board <ship>. 

I'm no good at advanced coding like this, but I'd love if something like this were possible. Thanks!


  • LaedhaLaedha Posts: 122Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    I've tried to do this exact thing and haven't been able to get it to work using simplified scripting. 

    My trigger text was: 
    Aboard (.+), you see:/n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------/n<per1>/n<per2>/n<per3>

    My command was: 
    pt Aboard @1, you see @per1 and @per2 and @per3

    It isn't working and I'm not sure if it's the new line stuff or if new line triggers can be done that way. 
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