Show us your furnishing submissions!

Because many furnishing submissions may be private/preserved, I thought it might be cool to show off some of your favorite designs you've done! Maybe that can give us all some ideas from each other as the furnishing thing is still really new.

Personally, I love the new furnishing system, and I have ton of stuff pending, so I'll start with a couple of things that actually have been approved:

A chest I made for Ashtan- 

a corroded chest of iron and gold

A corroded chest of iron and gold has been placed here.

Forged from solid iron, this semi-rusted and corroded chest has weathered the
entropic sands of time. The bulk of the massive chest is solid, bolted iron, 
weighing down the chest from any hope of it being easily toted away. The entire 
chest is covered in a relief of gold-plated detail. Eldritch, grotesque forms 
and foreign figures enact horrifying scenes of destruction and carnage: 
Tentacles and bestial maws devouring entire people and animals. Haunted faces of 
unwelcome knowledge peer out from the relief in endless horror as the unknown 
forms overtake them.

My personal bar-

a Darkenwood oak counter

A Darkenwood oak counter is set up here for serving drinks a'plenty.

Darkenwood oak has been masterfully carved into a long counter. The face of the
counter is hand carved in a symmetrical, swooping design with small columns 
carved outward betwixt each seating place. Each column is topped in a simple 
Mhaldoric capital, its rounded edge leading up to the massive single slab of 
marble which makes up the top of this bar.

a vibrant multicoloured coral sconce

A multicoloured coral sconce lights the space here.

Vibrant, formerly living coral has been cut loose from its natural habitat, the
bonds severed and its root dried and preserved in this decoration. Hundreds of 
distinct colours flash from every corner of the sconce as the lights from the 
candles pour over it, revealing shades of pink, green, red, yellow, orange, and 
blue. The dried creature branches out into arms of varying lengths each topped 
off by a small taper candle. Wax from prior and current use drips down the 
sconce giving it a very sombre tone.

Look forward to seeing all of your great work!


  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    edited December 2018
    I haven't designed a lot of furniture yet, but of the ones I have, this one's probably my favorite.

    an elaborate armchair of silver-lacquered wood

    The carven figure of Notia dominates an embellished silver-lacquered armchair.

    Upholstered in velvet so blue as to be near black, this greatly embellished straight-backed armchair could rival any throne. Rising to a height of six feet, the silver-lacquered frame accommodates a narrow backrest panel at its centre, the sides wrought in an intricate knot of crashing waves and thematic motifs reminiscent of wind-tossed seas and its inhabitants. Low outswept arms terminate in expertly carved seahorse reliefs which then flow downwards to become the sturdy front legs. Coiled like a serpent about the frame, the feminine silhouette of the Southern Storm, the Caspeid Notia, reigns above every other ornament, her lifelike sneering countenance perched at the topmost point of the frame as if emerging from the seas of her dominion while her arms reach down in a spurious embrace of the one seated.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Can furniture be made permanent/resetting with the new changes?
  • Dairon said:
    Can furniture be made permanent/resetting with the new changes?
    No. Currently the only way to permanently preserve furniture is to have the nondecay upgrade in housing upgrades. This is incredibly expensive in one room let alone across an entire estate. The new furnishing system makes it much more affordable to replace furniture. You can preserve designs in a crafting folder from shop of wonders (2mc). A folder keeps 50 designs. My house layout /aesthetic is unlikely to undergo major changes so I have trans furnishing (already invested prior to changes), One crafting folder and a platinum prybar. I also made an svo highlighter for samples and gather them regularly so that maintaining my estate will not be difficult. The current decay on new furniture is like 385 months, and I can gather enough samples for a total recrafting of my 10 room house in about 3-4 RL days. It's totally possible to design a massive estate and maintain it for much cheaper than nondecaying the whole thing. Also creating the furniture is much cheaper in general now too (and cooler!).
  • huh, look at that, furnishing isn't shit anymore

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