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So this was something I briefly brought up on the UUC clan but I wanted to get a wider opinion and maybe some actual discussion.

Heres the issue as I see it: Furniture styles and terms tend to suffer from being too ooc to really use in game. I admit its not a problem exclusive to furnishing since you can find it on the other crafting trades too, and people get around them by describing and by using more general terms.

But furniture has  way less of these base non-ooc terms that can be used as shorthand for very peculiar or complex styles that would otherwise take a great deal of precision (and lines) to describe. Unable to effectively use any shorthands, I am afraid we'd be left with very bulky descriptions-moreso thatn they need to be, in any case.

With that in mind, I was wondering if other crafters,  and the admins, would be interesting in allocating certain popular styles/terms with acceptable IC equivalents, a bit like the food ingredient initiative where certain are at least generally agreed to come from certain places.

Any thoughts and opinions would be very wrlcome.

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  • I personally tend towards enjoying complex descriptions, which is why I didn't see this as a huge issue when it was brought up on clan. That said, I do like the idea of ascribing certain styles to IC places and/or time periods.

    The only issue I see with it (and that I run into frequently with food) is that not everyone knows about/agrees on/uses these. I'm not sure if the food initiative is a clan scroll in UUC (I've only seen it in the discussion page on the Wiki), but if not it should be, and if we do this with furniture it should be there too, to encourage wider usage. Or even a help scroll that's linked to the cooking design and furnishing ones, if the admins want to canonize it (and there are a lot of pros and cons I can see in the argument for that).
  • I've started trying to find cutesy ways to signal the ooc term without using it explicitly.

    Like I have an empire-style couch but it's the Seleucarian Empire style

    The counter in my bar had little columns with doric capitals so I made them Mhaldoric capitals. 

    I'd like if we could embrace the OOC terms, but I have been doing my best to make due.
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