Serpent race/town choices

New to MUD's f2p serpent, was wondering what would be a good town and race for serpents. With the town preferably being active during Asian-based hours.


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    Join Targossas, we have a Serpent snipe squad. In seriousness, pretty much every city has a place for Serpents-- the class has versatile RP and great utility.

    Short racial breakdown: Racial specializations mean you can adjust the stats of whatever race you choose to an extent. While Serpents do better with a dexterity-heavy build, you can build that with more or less any race, though I'd suggest making sure you end up with a dexterity of -at least- 13, and remember that Strength is your dump stat. Many Serpents, myself included, are Mhun because the extra movement racial bonus goes well with a Serpent play style (slippery rather than tanky). You might want to look at racial bonuses before deciding whether you'd prefer faster movement to, say, Atavians' ability to fly above the ground or Humans' extra critical hits. And remember you get one free race change if things don't work out-- I've never used mine, though, because Mhun suits me nicely.

    More detailed racial stuff:If you -really- want to min/max, the dexiest races are mhun and Rajamala. Mhun without racial specializations has 1 point less con than Rajamala (so is slightly less tanky) but 1 point more intelligence, which contributes to your mana and willpower reserves. This can be good to have because Serpent abilities like weaving drain mana and willpower. 
    On the other end of the spectrum, Horkval are constitution-heavy and have a racial bonus that makes them even tankier.
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    I'm fairly sure Mhaldor is still the most asian-focused timezone city. Sometimes it has quiet hours during those times, but there's a reason Mhaldor's been called 'azndor' for years of its existence, lol.
    That said, I believe Cyrene and Hashan have some people at those hours, too. The other cities aren't very active at asian hours that I know of, though Ashtan has a small pk squad that is around at those hours so that could work if pk's your main interest.
    For cities, all of them are 'good' for serpent, really. Just pick whichever RP focus you like most.
    @Jiraishin is sort of right, but Atavian is just as 'dexy' as Mhun/Raja, and imo is the most min/max race for the class because it doesn't give up any important stats. The only thing atavian misses out on is some backstab damage, while mhun is squishy and raja has lower mana. The secondary racial effects are really not very important for those three, the raja dodge bonus is unnoticeable unless you stack dex arties/mounts etc., atavian flight is nice but not game-breaking (especially since ring of flying is a common artefact), and and mhun celerity is a quality of life thing mostly.
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