Reclamation Begin/Expand/Relinquish Mechanics

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Hi All,

I've been playing with these three a little, to see how they affect Druid mobility. I was hoping someone could check my understanding:

1) It seems like RECLAMATION BEGIN takes a few seconds, but is not channeled, so you can do things while doing it. You can only use RECLAMATION BEGIN once until you use RECLAMATION RELINQUISH.
2) Once you've used RELINQUISH you can RECLAMATION BEGIN another room.
3) RECLAMATION EXPAND seems to be the only real way to claim more than one room at a time (i.e. you have to expand from your initial reclaimed room). The only exception is the skill that absorbs bodies, but I'm counting that out as only semi-reliable.
4) RECLAMATION RELINQUISH removes all of your claimed rooms. This means you can't get around 1), 2) and 3) by using BEGIN, then EXPAND, then RELINQUISH only the room you claimed via BEGIN.

If I'm understanding correctly, the above four mechanics leads to the following restrictions/combat styles:

a) All of your reclaimed rooms need to be connected (i.e. start with BEGIN, expand adjacently with EXPAND or other skills).
b) If someone runs more than one room, you either need to follow them slowly and RECLAMATION EXPAND each time you move, or;
c) you need to claim then expand into a bunch of rooms to try and pre-empt their movement/control an area, or;
d) you need to treat this as a one-room skill, and use RECLAMATION RELINQUISH then RECLAMATION BEGIN each time someone moves.

Am I misunderstanding the basics here?

Beyond that, what happens if you RELINQUISH a single room? Do your Reclamation passives shut down, forcing you to set them back up again?

Appreciate anyone's insight.

@Rom - if you're still around, pinging you as I've seen a lot of good answers from you on Hydra combos, Groves, and some info on Reclamation.

Thanks all!

Edits: typos and clarity about expand being the "only" skill to claim more than one room.


  • Yeah, all of your reclaimed rooms will be connected unless someone breaks up the connections using firelash, holos, the alchemist formulation, or whatever else can break the vines. When I had people run off the vines, in a duel scenario where I knew they'd come back eventually, I just took the time to spread around some more using expand - Druid is ultimately a prep class so unless they're gone long enough for the prep to wear off it's not a big deal. I am 90% sure that reclamation relinquish is all or nothing, I don't think you can remove one room at a time (haven't been Druid in a while). Whether or not you want to start your Reclamation from scratch will just depends on who you're fighting and how.

    I'd also note that Reclamation isn't really required to kill anyone... I was able to kill Dragons with damage while they weren't standing on it. It just helps with some stuff, and of course mostly opens up the instakill route.
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  • Some additional notes:

    EXPANDING to a room that is your grove, a ported grove or an ally's shared grove finishes immediately, so is not a channeled action.   If you're under fire and have an artie quarterstaff or a pile of non-artie quarterstaves, you can PLANT QUARTERSTAFF->RECLAMATION EXPAND.   Roughly double the total time per room, but isn't channeled so you can cure while doing it.

    You can also add rooms to the network using RECLAMATION REGROWTH.   This only works in exterm'd rooms, but it isn't channeled so has niche uses in group v group combat in the forest.  (E.g walk into enemy group in exterm'd room, REGROWTH, wait for the zerg to FLOW in).

    You can also SUBSUME an allied druid's network.   This can make it faster to spread vines to many rooms.
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    @Lyrin thanks for your response! From my tests, RECLAMATION BEGIN isn't channeled in the first place (sipping or eating don't interrupt it). Forum posts make it seem like it used to be, though.

    Edit: it does, however, take 2-3 seconds to complete.
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