3.15 - Portuguese edition

Scripting improvements and Portuguese language in this mid-autumn release!

Scripting improvements

Thanks to JorMox, many API functions have been improved: see the changelog for details.

Less spammy timers in Debug view

Have a timer that needs to fire often and ends up cluttering the Debug view as a result? Thanks to SlySven you can now specify the minimum interval for timers, below which they won't appear in debug:

Timers less than 10s won't appear in debug

getMudletHomeDir() for Windows

getMudletHomeDir() will now return the path separated using a / on Windows, macOS, and Linux now. This'll remove the need to convert backslashes to forward slashes for use with labels while still keeping compatibility with all existing functionality!


We've added a new language for the interface in Mudlet - Portuguese! Thanks to DrAntarctica for doing the translation which is up to 17% now. Help Portuguese get the 95% gold star⭐ by translating it.


Thanks for the code improvements in this release to: JorMox, keneanung, SlySven, and vadi2.

Thanks for the ongoing translation efforts to: CNAmira, Darkgeem (darkgeem), DrAntarctica, Leris, Sirith (Senareil), vadi2, Игорь Антонов (antigr16), and 蛤? (uglyfrog)!



  • Escape character is now automatically escaped by Mudlet in GMCP for (buggy) games that don't do it
  • OK timer output can now be supressed from debug view
  • Portuguese as an interface language



  • display() can now take multiple arguments
  • getMudletHomeDir() will now use forward slashes / as separators on Windows since stylesheets require them
  • showColors() can now sort colours for you alphabetically


  • improved translation stats script not to break on unexpected text
  • new releases are automatically registered in dblsqd

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