New to MUDS and Achaea, Should i be using a Client?

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my question.

First off, im brand new to MUDS and Archaea, as in been playing for a few days. I've heard lots of people talk about using Different clients to play the game and i was wondering if they are necessary/better and if so which one would you reccommend to a complete newb? I have very little experience in coding, besides a few simple macros in a infamous MMORPG.

Several other people have said the browser client (HTML5) is just fine, and to use it as it was built speciffically with this game in mind.

Anyway, just want to hear your thoughts and recommendations

Thank you in Advance.

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    Right now, you're probably fine with just the HTML5 client. But if you do decide to stick around for a while, you'll be much better off using clients because they provide a lot more flexibility when it comes to coding. However, clients are -not- necessary to enjoy the game itself!

    The best one to get right now in my opinion is Mudlet simply because a lot of the player-base uses that and you can easily get assistance if you get inducted into the Mudlet clan. In my experience, learning Mudlet's coding is rather easy once you learn the basics, and you can always ask in the clan for help!

    Choosing a popular client also makes it easier for people to help you out when you got questions about reflexes (triggers) for when the time comes that you'll be needing them (for anti theft, at the very least).
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