Which racial specialisation for Tash'la Runewarden

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Should i take
Vanguard            14          11          14          10
Protector           12          10          16          11

Unlikely i ever buy artefacts unless it's with IG bought credits

Best Answer


  • Strength all day. Without artefacts or rare minerals your disembowel will still not kill a fair amount of people though. 
  • As a Tash'la Runewarden... strength.

    Unless you don't want to do combat ever. Which isn't the case since you're in the Shield.

    The reason why it's important is because your win-condition as Runewarden is disembowel. Disembowel deals % health damage proportional to your strength stat. A base of 14, +1 from Improved Physique, +1 from Jera and +2 from Fury puts you at 18, which is usually considered an okay base-strength for this finisher (it deals approximately 92% of your target's health worth of damage). 22 or so is what's required for a guaranteed instant kill (100%), but you'll be doing damage by the nature of your prep, especially as a Two-Hander.

    Being able to hit that 18 strength floor with 14 constitution to go with it is insane, trust me, it's the best choice.
  • I decided to go with strength, as i'd only be able to get 1 more strength point by going either xoran or troll

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