Bonus Experience Cap/Non-Stacking Experience Bonuses?

As someone with a fully active IRE Membership, granting 25% Bonus experience, I can bring my bonus experience up to ninety-two percent by sipping from an elixir of lifeenhancement and eating a piece of Profithyst. However, after doing so, and then using the HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA command to gain the Birthday Bonus, which is supposed to come with double experience boost, I saw no difference in the amount of bonus experience I was getting. Is this because of a cap to bonus experience, or perhaps there is a conflicting non-stacking bonus in the mix? I checked my defenses, nothing in there to do with the birthday bonus that I saw. After the profithyst wore off my experience boost dropped to 37%. So, yeah, my question is if there are non-stacking XP bonuses or if there is a cap to bonus XP boosts?

Best Answer


  • It should stack, just seems that the HAPPYBIRTHDAYACHAEA xp bonus doesn't show up on your defenses like other boosts.
  • Should show up on DEF now!
  • On that note, due to a small underlying issue, we have refreshed the timers on the bonus experience.
  • I used mine immediately, and never noticed bonus xp.. And then the tourny started. Ahh well. 

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