City Missions/More Customisation

Something i've been pondering about for some time is the ability to give more to a city without the constant and frequent need to submit patron requests and hope your patron can have enough free time for the undertaking. This is especially an issue for those cities with no active patron that have to just sit on ideas.

A lot of us have said in the past that we'd love to be able to give more to the game but without leaving our characters behind, and I think this simple solution is a great step in that direction.

One simple thing is to be able to give more activity and choices for players of your org that are geared to the theme you so love. This is where city missions would come in.

For those of you familiar with the Housing system and commands, you would likely have come across just how creative you can be with it. One thing of note is the ability to make interactions with items, mobs and rooms, which can imitate a quest. This is generally where this idea is from.

How it would work:

- You create a new mission id, let's say in this case mission#1

- You name the mission, let's say in this case it is "Cleansing Creville".

- You set the task for the mission. The suggestions usable are: GET, KILL and GIVE.

GET <item> (This involves having the item in your inventory)
KILL [number] <creature identifier> (Involves killing a number of creatures)
GIVE <item> <mob identifier> (involves giving an item to a mob (a warning to what the reaction could be..)).

- You set what the individual could see upon completing the task.

Example: As you take a hold of the grimoire, you feel the world is much safer with it in your care.

- You set what the prize would be: GOLD, CREDITS, FAVOUR, PROMOTION (iffy about this), NONE.

For example, one could Set the reward for the Cleansing Creville mission to be a favour. In the city logs, it will simply note: Has completed the Cleansing Creville mission. All gold rewards would come from the steward account. Naturally all credits from the city.


- Spelling is always an issue, but I feel we are mature enough to note the mistakes and report them to one another for cleaning up.

- Some may be concerned with somewhat overdone messages or things seen as OP, but I also believe we are mature enough to keep it in line.

- Naturally at any time the administration can step in if they feel something isnt right.


- This could help boost interactions and storyline for cities without the constant need of poking a patron (or even having one active).

- This would allow for the construction of elaborate plot-lines to give to novices in organizations, akin to a trial.

- It would give a sense of more control of the city's general story and fun activity to be had.

Thank you
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