What is the first kill path a two handed Runewarden should learn for combat??

Frankly speaking, what are the best early kill paths for a two handed runewarden (Rajamala) in pvp combat and what do I need to invest lessons in to achieve them?

I was also wondering whether a bastard sword or a warhammer would be better for me and why?


  • The easiest thing will be to learn to just stack fractures to beat someone to death with nothing much more. From there you move onto incorporating devastate -> disembowel.
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    @Kiet Mind clarifying what you mean by stacking fractures? I'm not very familiar with the terminology. Thanks.
  • Your hits cause fractures on targeted body parts. They all have different effects. At similar power levels starting out you're gonna be able to just stack the fractures you need on specific body parts (legs hinder movement, torso/head hinder healing for instance) and just damage people out.

    As for lessons, you'll want trans weaponmastery, runelore to runicblades probably, and chivalry transed eventually. Then you do the usual survival/avoidance/riding.

    Swords are better in general as a 'main' focus, but hammers are good for setting up limbs and to complement.

    If you need more indepth tips you'd likely be better off asking in game though, it's generally more useful since people can show you directly.
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