Mudlet 3.13 - internationalisation improvements & more

Fix macOS crash, improved functionality like speedwalk(), getRoomHashByID() and for internationalisation.

Fix macOS crash

In some cases the newly-introduced autocompletion feature had a chance to crash Mudlet for Mac users - dicene fixed this up! Thanks also to the Mudlet community for the detailed reports and quick tests especially in Mudlet Discord.

Map download for StickMUD

StickMUD is now supported by Mudlet for automatic map downloads! Hit the map button and if you don't have any map loaded, Mudlet will offer to download it for you.

The technology behind this is called MMP, if you'd like to add something similar to your game. Credits to Tamarindo for adding support for this in StickMUD and to vadi2 for the support in Mudlet.

Autosave improved

Autosave will no longer save and run a script as soon as the mouse leaves the editor window. It will now automatically save your recent changes every minute. Thanks vadi2!

speedwalk() improvements

Jor'Mox gave speedwalk() some love. It's a handy function in case you want to make an alias to just walk a set amount of directions (e.g. speedwalk("2ne,3e,2n,e")). You can now hide the sent directions from being shown. The function will now also understand the long form of directions such as "down", "northeast", and so on. This can be especially handy when you want to use results from getPath() for example.

New function: getRoomHashByID()

hallor added this function which will get a room's hash when given its room ID. Handy in case your game has hashes and you want to share metadata without giving away your map!

Internationalisation improvements

As we continue striving to make Mudlet 4.0 friendly for players of all languages, Kebap has improved some of the text shown to users to make them easier to translate.
After another improvement by vadi2, the getRooms() function will work with international text as well.


Thanks for the code improvements in this release to:
demonnic, dicene, hallor, JorMox, Kebap, keneanung, SlySven, and vadi2.



  • 'strict' property to Geyser Gauges (disables overflow above 100%)
  • speedwalk() and speedwalktimer() functions can send commands quietly
  • getRoomHashByID() to get a room's hash if you know its ID
  • MMP map download support for StickMUD


  • prevent autocomplete from crashing Mudlet on macOS
  • tempTrigger*'s when used with a function will now get matches[] set for them
  • getRooms() now works correctly even with international letters
  • stop temporary aliases, keys and macros showing up in the editor after you import a package


  • Interface text has less HTML tags in it to make it easier for translators
  • autosave will now only trigger on a timer, and not whenever mouse leaves the window
  • internal variables in the mapper code have been improved to be more intuitive
  • tooltip for filter triggers is now consistent on the checkbox and label for it
  • old-style loops in a the few remaining classes modernised to C++14
  • map info label will automatically update when a room or area is renamed
  • XP-era screenshots have been updated in introductory manual in Mudlet wiki
  • speedwalk() will now recognize long-form directions (ie 'down')


  • Continuous Integration builds fixed for openSSL changes in AppVeyor
  • fixed automation of source code tarballs to upload

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