I cant decide which IRE game to play?

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So I have been browsing the top lists, and the mudstats site to find a good fit for a mud. I have not played one in over 15 years lol and am struggling a bit to figure this out. I have however narrowed it down to an IRE game I think. Achaea looks like a lot of fun and has a ton to do. But I am also looking at Imperian, as I am mostly wanting to engage in some PvP after I level up. The combat seems like it maybe better in Achaea, but Imperian looks more PvP focused based on the website. It does seem this has some PvP as well, and so I am at a loss as to which is better in that regard. I use to be an avid PvPer back in the day playing a mud called Act of War, and I loved the fighting over leveling areas and city raids that went on there. It also had a warscore that kept track of which kingdom was winning the war. It appeared as if both these games have a similar setup with cities being able to fight each other? AoW was also full loot, and I don't see any information on how death works on these games?

My main concern I guess with Imperian is the lack of players. It does show 39 on at the moment which is good on a sunday night I guess, but I am not sure how desolate that will feel in game considering Achaea has over 200 on at most times. Is Imperian a smaller world to make it feel more active? Any suggestions here? 

I am sorry if this has been posted before. I did find a few really old threads, but they didn't compare Imperian and this game very well so I thought I would try a new one and hopefully this is the right category for it. Thanks!


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    It has been a while since I stopped playing Imperian, and though I found parts of the game to be a lot more interesting and fun than Achaea I will say it was pretty bare as far as people to interact with at the time.... I went back a year later and it was deader than dead after retirement became a thing. Now somewhat recently Imperian has become a free to play game which I assume is in part to how desolate it is there. I am sure people with more extensive Imperian experience can give you more insight into the PvP scene there and just how desolate it really is, but honestly Achaea might be your best bet... at least until maybe Starmourn opens as a brand new MUD from IRE then you might want to check that one out.
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  • I won't mince words, Imperian is a dead game; we'll see where the reboot carries them but in this moment it would be a waste of your time.

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    Thanks! I'll stick with achaea for now. I had fun playing last night anyways. I'll see how starmourn turns out as well thanks for the help guys. 
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