Questions on Apostate bashing

I've waited a bit to try to figure this out on my own but I've decided I'm curious about the decisions of Apostate bashing.

First on traits:
You either have to pick balance for pk or equil for bashing. Are there a lot of classes that have to make this choice? Doesn't seem to make sense to me that we'd have two completely different balance types for bashing and combat. This was also confusing to me as a new player to find this out and ended up making me have to trait reset.

Second on willpower use:
It seems to be stacked to balance users here. Clotting takes a good bit of willpower which puts even more drain on your bashing. Balance users don't suffer near as bad here.

Is this intentional and I'm just missing the point behind it?


  • Deadeyes bleed/bleed is all you should be using the moment you get deadeyes. 

    Always have moss and moon tattoo up.

    Efficiency in survival makes clotting much less of a pain.

    Apostate isn't a good Hunter, but they made deadeyes bleed consistent with wither DPS so you could always take nimble.
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