Mudlet 3.12 – autocompletion in editor

Code faster with the autocomplete feature. Annoying bugs & crashes fixed.

New feature - automatic word completion

In our ongoing efforts to make coding even more pleasant in Mudlet's new editor since version 3.3 one year ago, we are proud to present autocomplete! While you are still typing, you can now choose directly from the appearing list of suggested commands.

Autocomplete in action

There is still a lot of room for improvement here, for example suggestions do not yet include all lua functions and especially "combined" commands like string.findPattern or Geyser.Container:new. However we feel this will help you speed up a lot already, so it is well worth releasing.

Thanks to dicene for adding this in!


Profiles will now autoload their server encodings correctly (thanks SlySven). The "Save Profile As" button and the package exporter work again as expected (thanks vadi2). Module sync will now also work correctly, even if the original zip was deleted.

New feature for Geyser

Geyser objects now have :lower() and :raise() functions, so you don't have to call them via the lowerWindow(name) and raiseWindow(name) anymore. Geyser is all about adding methods to make it easier to build and maintain a nice graphical interface to your games, so little improvements like this matter!

Thanks to dicene for adding this in.

Shout out to Jor'Mox

Congratulations to Jor'Mox for writing over 1000 posts in Mudlet's forums. Thank you for your ongoing support, especially in helping new players with mapping their games with ease, by adapting the generic mapper script to whichever circumstances they may find, and so much more!



Thanks for the code improvements in this release to dicene, keneanung, Leris, SlySven, and vadi2!

Thanks to all users who come report issues or ideas they find, and who help each other in Mudlet's forum, discord, everywhere!


  • added: lower() and raise() methods to appropriate Geyser objects
  • fixed: in editor mode, buttons like 'save profile as', 'import', 'export', etc. will work reliably again
  • fixed: under some circumstances package exporter did not export data but crash Mudlet
  • fixed: prevent crash when saving a module which had been moved to a different file destination
  • fixed: settings for server encoding will be remembered between sessions and for auto connects
  • improved: traditional Chinese characters will be processed and displayed more reliably
  • improved: display new address of editor theme downloads as


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