Tradeskills Made Easy (Nexus)

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After searching for packages and not finding that many. I have come to realize that there is not as much support for the Nexus client as there is for third party clients like Mudlet. One of the things I was searching for was a way to mill more then one batch at a time. Well, not being able to find anything, I just made my own. I am in the process of adding support for other tradeskills but right now it only really has reflexes for Inkmilling and Gathering but I have to figure out what exactly needs to be done. Also, as I learn more of the Nexus's Advanced scripting, I will be making more packages. 

Anyways, a link to the package.

Hope you guys find this helpful and so not be afraid to post suggestions or ways I can improve it.



  • So, I am making progress on triggers to make notices for when you find samples. I was wondering if it would be useful to have a way for it to message you the room name or area so that if you walk past it you can find it? Or would that be to irritating?
  • All this stuff is optional, yes? I'd say, do it 'without' and then add what would need to be added to do it 'with,' and then both versions would be available for whoever wants/is willing to give a go. Unless 'with' would be too irritating for you; in that case I'm sure if anyone wants to add it, they can.
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  • @BoosteyaI was planning on making it toggleable cause I knew some people would not like that while some might. Just need to figure out how to use GMCP in relexes other than onGMCP if I can....
  • okay... so I found out that, while my multiple refining works, the milling mutiple inks in a batch does not.

  • Fixed the problem so now there is a newer package and also there is a few furniture sample echos included. Still working on adding all the furniture samples to echo
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