Beginning Monk

Hi everybody,

My first post disappeared so here is take 2.

I am a starting horkval monk in Cyrene and am looking for advice - a friend suggested I ask here besides in game too.

INTERESTS: hunting, commerce, exploring, combat. In that order.

STATS and TRAITS: I love tekura! Should I go for strength, constitution, or a mix? Any traits I should not miss?

SKILLS: I focus on tekura, then kaido. After, would telepathy, survival or avoidance be best? I miss a lot right now so am working on tekura. I hope to save up for no-brainer lessons then hopefully credits. I saw sometimes people trade these for in game credits, so that’s hopeful :)

ARTEFACTS: after skills, what artefacts would people recommend and in what order given my interests? I heard many, knuckles, hunting pendant, health ring and many others I am trying to make sense of - I am looking for best cost-benefit of course.

I will take whatever advice I can get on top of in game help from my friends! It is a bit difficult to find monks in game when I am online but I have at least two friends that are! Oh and I did find other similar topics but they seem very old or from much advanced starting points.

Looking forward to meeting you all in game and here! Thank you!


  • After talking to monks in game a lot, I am now focused on strength and took the nimble trait. Lesson-wise still working on tekura (rat stance and missing less is awesome!) then some kaido and then probably avoidance and survival.

    I was told the lessons packages are very good value for money so I will try for those two (unsure if people still trade these for credits?). And there is apparently an ingame “talisman” that does the same as a critical hit pendant that I should somehow look for - still a bit in the dark on talismans.  After that come bracelet and regeneration artefacts and then sip ring... and that’s enough probably to think about for the foreseeable future haha...
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    Talismans are obtained by gathering the pieces required for that talisman, then using a command to complete the talisman. Most talismans, when completed, create a physical item in your inventory.

    There are a couple of sets of talismans where talismans are just copies of existing artefacts (that you can buy from the shops in Delos), occasionally with different descriptions. I think there are two different sets - Conclave and Elemental - which have a talisman which is just the level one crit pendant (though the Elemental set one may have a different description, it should have the same functionality). That generally ends up being a cheap(er) way of obtaining that artefact, provided you can find people who have the pieces and are willing to sell them.
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