Is it possible to Wait for a Line in an advanced script in Nexus

Hello Everyone,
I have been looking and asking around but I can not really find any answers. I was wondering if in advanced scripting on Nexus if there was a way to have it wait for a string in the script. I am honestly trying to make a script for inkmilling since the one I have found on the forums has a broken link. I used simple scripting for yellow, red, and blue since it is all one regent but I am having trouble with anything else because you can not multiply a variable by an argument in simple scripting. Thank you all in advance for your replies, they are really appreciated



  • I have a really good Mudlet script I put together, I can try to explain to you how I did it IG sometime (so you can copy the idea of it). Alternatively, I think @Laedha might have made something for Nexus.
  • I have an inkmilling package in simplified scripting but it's not that complicated. It's an alias MILL(colour) (reagent1) (reagent2) that makes the max amount in a normal mill, and I have a trigger that I manually turn on when I want to mill multiples that gets the ink from the mill and then re-sends the alias when I'm on balance.  I don't use advanced scripting at all. 

    @Zahan might be able to help? 
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