Gonna punch Cancer in the face. Wanna help?

Hey guys! So.... This year I'll be taking part in Relay For Life!

What is Relay for Life:
It's an event held every year were themed teams raise money for cancer research and prevention. For my town, it takes place over the 28th & 29th of July. During the event teams relay through the night and day for a total of 18 hours, a symbolic  walk through the darkness some cancer patients and carers feel during their long struggles with the initial diagnosis and following treatment.

Me and my Team:
I'm Tahquil (duh), also known as SlyViolin and I'm part of Team Pokemon Go Gladstone! which is made up of (as you might have guessed) a bunch of Pokemon Go players. We come from a community of super tight-knit players that organise community day events with local businesses, host competitions, organise special event days and so on. Our team theme will be Pokemon and on the day we'll be setting up a bunch of themed activities for kids to do to raise some more funds on the night.

Why am I Relaying: 
I'm suppose to write something inspirational and noble here. Or something personal that others can empathises with. I just really, really, really, really, really want to punch cancer in the face. Like, really really really. I'm going to raise money for scientists to make a giant metaphorical baseball bat to beat the crap out of cancer. I'm going to call it the Lightbringer.

How you can help:
Donate HERE . Every bit raised adds more punches to cancer's face because fuck that guy.

But wait, there's more:
So one of our team members is a professional photographer and also does Vlogs from time to time. So you can expect a video of the proceedings a some photos of my excellent costume to be added here in due time!

Thanks for reading!


  • Team Pokémon Go Gladstone has risen to third place overall in donations. Having beaten team Ducky’s angels to $3000 we have won the ‘friendly’ bet a member of The losing team has pledge to do a nudie lap.
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