MUSH target capture anywhere?

I have MUSH. I have never been hunting anywhere where there are so many targets so fast, especially in a group setting. I simply cannot type fast enough and sadly don't get the tab thing just yet. I'm sure once I get that figured it might help, but I would really appreciate a MUSH client thing.
Thank you!


  • Old question but I'm answering it for anyone who has the same problem. The classic solution to this problem is to use a general target (undead for Azdun, orc / ogre for Dun, sidhe animal or unsidhe for Annwyn, etc.) Autobashing is possible but MUSHclient makes it unreasonably hard to access gmcp.
  • I thank you for answering. After so many months I never expected to get one. I had asked over several forums and I cannot capture. The capture itself. All the general targets in the world aren't going to do any good if I have no clue how to even start a capture. I can't code. I most certainly cannot pull off autobashing. I don't need to autobash. I have poured over the MUSH website and learning hungarian was easier. Again, I do thank you for your time. I tried other clients and most are complicated and use code. I can lead a guild, I cannot craft a capture. Still on the hunt! Happy Holidays!
  • Try using ASSIST <name>? That will set your server-side target to their current one, and you can attack that using an IG alias?

    Setalias groupbash stand/kill &tar

    Then you send:
    assist ammar
  • Assist is a thing? How did I not know this. Does it fade if not in room or not in group?

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  • It requires you to be in a group (following them)- afaik it just sets your tar variable to theirs?
  • Okay, first I want to be clear about the word "capture". In this context, capture usually refers to having your client store part of an incoming line and perform some action on it. So for example, I have triggers that capture tells sent to me and redirect them to a special buffer where I can review them. With that out of the way, let me break down some of the methods for hunting.

    manual: In this method, you set targets yourself. The benefit of this method is that you can use the general targets I mentioned above. ST UNDEAD, go to Azdun, and just hit your bashing alias until everything is dead. Often areas may have denizens that look different but can be targeted with a generalized noun (tsol'aa, for instance).

    Party calls: In this situation you are in a group bashing. Everybody is in a party and following targets called by the party leader. This is the ideal method for working in groups, and all you have to do is capture the target called by the party leader and set your target based on that. Of course this method will not work if you are bashing on your own but it is the preferred method for group bashing. This is also where the ASSIST command mentioned above would be helpful, but my experience with it has been mixed.

    Automatic target calling: In this method, you update your target based on information received about the creatures in the room from a background protocol called gmcp. using gmcp information and the right coding you set your target based on a priority list and the target automatically changes upon death. This is the method used by a lot of the big bashing scripts out there, but is challenging to implement in MUSHclient because gmcp information is not exposed as transparently as Mudlet or Nexus. I have aspirations to build something like this but it's low on my priority list.

    Hitting the last thing that hit you: this is not recommended because as you say in the OP there are situations where several things could be hitting you at once and killing them piecemeal is not a good idea. This method would involve getting all the triggers for all the things that could hit you, finding the name of the creature in the lines that you are capturing, and then setting a variable with that name you captured. Any of the methods above is better than this.

    Which of these options are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to do something I didn't mention here?

    If you aren't a blind player, I would suggest giving Mudlet a shot only because there are several scripts that accomplish what you want (automatic targeting) that work out of the box and require no special coding knowledge to create.

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