What is new from 2006?

Hello fellow Druids!

Darkstal has returned to Achaea after a massively long hiatus (almost 12 years if memory serves?) and I dare say the culture shock is a bit overwhelming as a LOT has changed. I've noticed the introduction of specializations (eyeballing that Satyr Galant Specialisation...), traits (so many to pick from!), and a wide range of other changes/improvements to skills.

I signed in to check my guild to find Auto-classing paving the way to Houses?

It has been a long time out of the works, and if anyone happens to have some direction on how to get back into the swing of things without nuking myself I'd appreciate it.

In joyful service,
formerly Apprentice Druid Darkstal Ravenclaw, Hoof of the Druids, now Darkstal the Lost?


  • It's essentially a totally new game from 2006. News posts are your friend, plus house and city tasks. Might even be worth creating a new Character to go through the newbie intro again which also explains some stuff.

    Also look at CURING, server side curing system is a huge difference to what you might be used to from 2006

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  • Thanks so much for the quick response and where to look for the help! Hoping that I can get my fiancee to jump on so we can both brush up on the basics. It will be nice to get my goofy Satyr back into what I hope to be nurturing the family again. No telling if the Ravenclaw family is still active either.

    Signed back in and found myself in a city that was once in the ground and now is floating!? And yeah the Curing change is entirely new. I think I stopped playing in 2006 when Lusternia started out, as I was asked to help get that game started. Enjoyed the delve into the game, but as life would have it priorities changed and the game had to take a back seat.

    Now coming back life has changed a tad and would be nice to get myself back into the swing of things. With autoclassing, are Houses still worth joining and/or are active? I recall the days of transporting my grove to cities to help out with various tasks and putting out/dousing fires.

    That all being said, and seeing as how I can't seem to find a solid answer, with the way the Stats work now, is Strength and Con still the key abilities for Druids? I remember for a long time that Int was for fun support builds, but if I recall I Transcended Grove and Morph and was slowly working on Reclamation. Even some of the new skills seem way different than I recall.

  • "Are Houses still worth joining and/or are active?" Definitely.

  • I think right now I'm currently waiting to join a City, at which point I should be able to join one of the houses there. I'm getting my knees dirty again and even had my first death in forever due to fumbling about my targeting.

    Now just a matter of reading up on all this Reclamation stuff, when I stopped playing they Had concoctions which is clearly not a thing any more... Can't even harvest any more without a Trade Skill!... Which I now have both Harvesting and Remedies. Woop!
  • Welcome back! I returned last September after not playing since 2006 as well. It was definitely a shock to see how much has changed but after a bit of time in city, everything comes flooding back into your mind. Good luck with your revival into Achaea!
  • In all honesty yes if you haven't played since 2006 you're going to be completely lost. Some major things that are new:

    1. There are ships and seafaring.
    2. Combat is more focused on ability rather than "I have more artefacts or higher stats than you so therefore I win."
    3. Iron Elite Memberships & No Brainer Lesson & Credit packages- Highly recommend these three as they will give you the most "bang" for your "buck" so to speak as far as if you want to improve your characters through out of realms means. 
    4. As you've already discovered trade skills are no longer class skills and can be learned by anyone. 
    5. Probably a bit less population wise here than in 2006. That's not a knock on Achaea it's just MUDs in general have went down a bit as graphical games continue to take over.
    6. There's also a retirement feature. A lot of the players you may have known back then are now gone on to other characters or have just moved on in general. So there's new names here but in general the community is pretty great and probably the least toxic I've ever seen it. 
    7. Skill called battlerage that goes along with denizen hunting now. You'll get used to it. 
    8. Systems and Curing have changed drastically as well as clients. You probably were used to "ZMUD" or something similar, most people are on Mudlet or Nexus now I would say and the curing is mostly handled by serverside.
    9. A lot of gods died, some came back. 
    10. Good luck and it's always great when people come back to the game!
  • That was an amazing round up of everything! Thank you!

    I think my biggest problem right now is without a guild or house and still working out details on how to join a city I feel a bit in limbo and trying to find my grove again. I had apparently had my Concoction lessons refunded at some point, so invested that into a spit between Herb Gathering and Remedies.

    I've got some basic and the new Nexus client is both amazing and taking some getting used to.

    Silly question but what do you all mostly do to pass the time? I'm reading up on Lore quite a bit, but find it doesn't do well with regards to "leveling" and have been hovering around level 65 while bolstering my gold. That and upgrading to deep-sea fishing with traits is a new thing!
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