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I'm a new player trying to find my way through Achaea and deciding on somewhere to settle. So far I've really liked the look of Mhaldor and seriously considering settling there. I'm not sure about which class to choose though. I've now narrowed it down to Infernal, Apostate and Serpent. Also somewhat considering Runewarden but I quite like the "darker" flavours of the other three classes. I probably won't be able to buy many credits if any at all. 

I'm interested in hunting (later to dragon), and group combat and maybe later even attempting 1v1. I'm not sure if 1v1 would even be viable though without any arties. 
Any thoughts on the above classes in context of my situation will be greatly welcomed. If any of you are Mhaldorians, I'd be keen to know if the city is currently in "need' of any classes.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I forgot to add:
- Couldn't find an answer to this: Which racial trait should an Apostate specialise in? Is it an Int class or Con?
- How does Infernal compare to Runewarden as knight classes?

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    I genuinely feel like all of these threads could be answered by looking through the forums or trying things out in game. There's about nine threads I can see just through 'recent discussions' about people asking about classes, and Runewarden has been in seven of them.

    But just for the sake of answering.

    Runewarden is the most cost effecient hunter. Fullplate, hunting runes, near endless endurance so you can do whatever strikes your fancy and hunt a lot.

    Apostate is pretty bad hunting but a great PvP class. Though you kind of need tri trans to be fully effective. You could theoterically only use deadeyes, but without necromancy and your baalzadeen backing you up it's harder. -'Darkest(?) class'

    Serpent only good hunting with artefacts, but needs the 'least' for PvP since you can just use subterfuge and 7 lessons in hypnosis for impatience. You ideally want more, but, whatever.

    No City is in any need of a class because they want you to play the class you'll enjoy more because that will keep you around longer.

    Apostate if you're a hunter should be constitution. Even as a PvPer the con is great.

    Infernal is a decent hunter too, even better than Runewarden if you can always have a full hunting rune set. Due to putrefaction and having a lifesteal battlerage.

    Edit: If you meant PvP wise it's worse than Runewarden unless you're willing to go tri-trans. You need the weaponmastery, need the chivalry for fury (trans), and you need the vivisect (Trans?), as your finisher. There's a very small chance you'll ever pull off disembowel as an Infernal due to the lack of steroid that the other Knight classes gain. (Jera - Runewarden) (Inspiration - Paladin)

    Of course this is all irrelevant if you go dual blunt Infernal. Then you just want weaponmastery and necromancy and pulp/vivisect fork people.

    Also: No class is 'darker' because you define your character and how they're played. Plenty of people can be dark as any class avaiable to Mhaldor.
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    You don't really need tritrans for any infernal spec. Just go for vivisects. Though tritrans as every class is more ideal. Dual cutting infernal is the most all around useful for 1v1 and group, plus good for hunting. It's "dark" and can do everything. That's what I'd recommend personally.


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