Please fix our furniture :(

SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
(yeah I got these off my classleads since they've gone neither approved nor rejected since submission)


For personal furniture, in a private home, the owner only may place.
For organisational furniture -
 - houses: house leader only.
 - cities: officeholders.
 - orders: those who have privilege to erect shrines.

Upon its placing, furniture is no longer movable and can not be picked up. At
this point, the furniture is considered to be permanently owned. Restrictions
on where furniture may be placed are as such:
   - In a home which you own.
   - In a room owned by an organisation which you are a recognised leader of.
   - In a shop that you own.

From experience, I realise I can neither place nor disassemble furniture in my own shops (the shop front not the stock room) and this is annoying and it takes up people's time because you gotta find one of the five people who can do it for you. Out of those five, not all of them may have furnishing to disassemble either. Arguably, you can't do it in cities because your placement privilege as a shop owner is superceded by the privilege of the city leader, but you can't place furniture in Delosian shops either.

I just want to put some furniture in my shop without annoying anybody :( please fix this.

Capacity / Dimensions

As an infrequent furniture builder, I usually find myself at a loss when it comes to making decisions or advising clients on the potential capacity of a given furniture item. The anticipated capacity to be expected upon adjusting a piece's dimensions is also a mystery.

AB FURNISHING DIMENSIONS already informs us of the percentage of increase in wood cost for altering dimensions, so why not the new capacity as well? Please amend the AB files to include the base capacities of each type of furniture and clarify the percentage by which capacity is increased/decreased after modifications to a frame's dimensions.

Speaking of which, why does narrowing furniture (making it shorter/narrower etc) still cost you extra commodities? You're basically hacking off a part of the frame, shouldn't you be getting comms back instead?


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