Do you hate targeting people with obnoxious names in raids?

I sure know I do. That's why I make scripts to handle such nonsense.

The script is simple; install it and change whatever targeting alias you have to do: switchTarget(matches[2]). Example below.
Pattern: ^t (.+)$<br>Code:<br> switchTarget(matches[2])<br>
Now you can do 't ank' and it'll target Ankhareoutef if he's in the room (or list).
If you want to make the script 'cleaner' mid raid, you'll want to populate the table included in the script. I'm not gonna tell you here how to do it. Read the comments in the script, it's what they're there for.

Enjoy! Down with people and their silly names.


  • cool pyori. thats god tier scripts right there. 
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • Thanks for this script- it was a godsend in the recent Crusade for targeting those damn apostrophe names! Only need the first few characters of the name and target set.

    FYI though for future users- I think there's a small change needed in the script to get it to work, at least I had to change one spot. In the script Target Switcheroo, the local table (Line 10) is call possibleTargets but the below lookup if statement on line 47 tries to use the table possible_targets so the script doesn't find any of the presets names- I think the script hangs then if I recall, might not. Just changed the local table name to possible_Targets (don't think capital matters, but match this to those on line 47 and 52).

    Thanks again for saving a million mistypes today. 

    Below is the local table for reference.
    function switchTarget(who)
    	--Capitalise the name for the sake of neatness.
    	local person = who:title()
    	--Put common names in here, that you frequently target. I put a few in to show you how it's done.
    	--It doesn't have to be under the city headers, but if you're not a savage you'll keep it that way.
            --Again, I did it for neatness.
    	local possibleTargets = {

    Change to
    local possible_Targets = {

  • I opened this up, because I too hate apostrophes. Started setting up the tables for common targets and I see this in the template: 

    --[ Cyrene ]--
    --Jk nobody cares about Cyrene lol.

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