General Questions about Blademaster

Hello! I'm a new player, just out of the newbie areas. I'm currently a Runewarden, but becoming a Blademaster has caught my attention, so I wanted to get a general feel for the class.

I have been hunting with a shortsword for now, taking advantage of Swordplay. When I tried out a Blademaster on another character, I felt that his damage was lacking compared to my Runewarden's shortsword. How is the damage of Blademaster against mobs? Should I spec into Strength?

I am interested in combat in the future, as I wanted to RP in a militant house. How would the Blademaster fare as opposed to the Runewarden? (Or other Knight-classes. Or maybe even Serpents.) I've read that Runewardens are hard to compare to in PvE, as many have said in the forums they perform very well for the budget.

As for credits, I don't think I will be buying any credit packages just yet, aside from the Iron Elite subscription. I will definitely get the lesson package, and probably the 300 bound credits pack.

Thank you!


  • Unless you have some strange masochistic desires, I wouldn't go Blademaster. Particularly if you wanted to do combat. Runewarden is better in basically every aspect of the game (so long as you don't go SnB, then it'll be better in everything except hunting).
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    It's slightly dated, but the core is still relevant.
  • BM gets alot of hate, and deservedly so. As the class stands, you'll likely not be a top tier fighter. Personally, I think it's a great class to learn combat in, but not if it means giving up basically any other class for it. Bashing sucks, especially if you're comparing to RW. 

    All that being said, it's kinda sweet having a personalized sword.
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