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Hey, I'm gonna do my best to keep this short.

I've been considering a class change and will change class, it's just a matter of which one I'm going to stick with. Currently, I've narrowed it down to shaman, magi, serpent, depthswalker, alchemist and bard. Personally, I prefer RP, but I do hunt occasionally; combat isn't a high priority right now but I wouldn't mind trying it later, though that would probably be more group-focused (I don't mind - and would probably prefer - playing a support role, if anything). Also, I don't know how important this is, but I don't have any artes and don't have the budget (IG or IRL) to buy any right now (I don't want to put IRL money into it either).

What I was wondering is, what are your guys' personal experiences and opinions on the classes listed above? That sorta thing


  • Uhh slight update: I've realised I've made a discussion and not a question (didn't realise you could specify until just then) but I don't know how to fix that... If someone could help with that, that'd be great. Sorry!
  • All classes are capable of combat and hunting. Since you want to focus on rp primarily I'd just read up on the skilldets and classes and see what kinda themes you like. 

    Magi - mage
    Shaman - spiritualist, dolls, curses.
    Bard - swashbuckling, singing, music.
    Depthswalker - darkish timelord.... Not sure.
    Alchemist - minerals, nutcases, chemical experimentation.. 
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Depthswalker comes across as a more science-y mage, in a way, what with the characterisation of Tsol'teth so far, Terminus being based around words of powers and the laboratory required for learning about it. 

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  • What kind of RP, as that sounds like your priority, are you looking for? What class fits best with character?

    shaman, magi, serpent, depthswalker, alchemist and bard are all capable hunters and combat classes - though I would say that non-arte'd serpent hunting is a bit rough, but RP with illusions gives you a lot of room to create. Combat-wise somebody else can speak up, but 1 on 1, with no arte dirk and passive curing where it's at currently you'll have issues. If you're looking at supporting role though you have sniping and can work with team to deliver a lot of key affs rapidly.
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  • Yeah science time mage.  
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  • Depthswalker is complete and utter dogshit for bashing and I cannot in good conscience recommend it for anybody who is more concerned with bashing than they are with PvE.
  • @Rangor ooh those little descriptions are actually really handy, thank you! Plus timelord just sings to my diehard whovian soul haha (but I'm assuming you mean timelord, not Timelord)

    My noob is showing though... What is a skilldet?
  • @Shirszae @Torinn Mage is definitely something I'd like, so that's pretty neat. The lab stuff sounds like it would require more than just learning an ability from a tutor, I'm guessing? Thank you!

    @Nazihk that makes me a bit wary about choosing depthswalker though (which in grateful for!). Thank you for warning against it 
  • @Suladan I can't tell if your questions are rhetorical or not but either way they did make me think about it in more depth, so thank you!

    Illusions, I forgot to mention, is something I'd like to have if possible, so I'm glad Serpent has them; illusions are handy. I'm happy to save up for an arte IG if it's like a Must Have, but I feel like it wouldn't take a loong while to get there
  • The questions weren't rhetorical. You can RP your character however you wish, but coming up with a background and what kind of person your character is could make a difference to what class you would choose. 

    You can have the class define the character or have the character mold the class. I.e. you could have a ditzy character and decide you couldn't be a mage, though that's what you want and be unhappy as it "doesn't fit" - but you could just as easily RP a ditzy mage that forgot things now and again. Or a serpent doesn't have to be cruel and shady individual. He could even be frustrated that's all he's good at, but actually have very high ideals, etc. 

    It's a game. it's up to you to do what you want. If it's not fun, it's not worth it. 
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  • Skilldet is just a typo of skillset. :)
  • Magi, serpent, and bard have illusions, if that's what you're interested in for RP uses.
  • jester has the best illusions, though
  • @Cailin Ohh, I gotcha. Thank you! 

    @Farrah I just like using illusions for performances, makes things a little easier.

    @Kiet They were pretty good, and probably one of the biggest reasons why I'd stay Jester if I didn't wanna change so much
  • @Suldan Oh gosh, thank you! This has really helped like, give some direction to my thinking. I'm not that good at choosing a class based of skills & stuff like that because my mind always focuses on... the aesthetic? (I don't know, but you can win me over with a good photo card of something), so this has helped me work some RP focus into deciding a class. I mean, I haven't decided on one yet, but I've got a way of thing in place now. Thank you!
  • I know it's sorta already been mentioned, but what classes from the list are like the best and worst for hunting / bashing? Which ones really need artes to really work well? And what're just the general pros & cons for the classes?
  • You can use the search function of the forums to find out everything you've asked (and more), or you could RP and ask in game.

  • @Cooper I've done both, I'd just like to get more responses from a wider range of people than I can reach IG
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    Hi @Elyssia!

    Shaman is great for RP, hunting, and PVP. But...I may be a little biased. It's the only class I currently play!

    Shaman can also get by without tons of artefacts; although willpower regen of some sort (at least some lessons in Philosophy at minimum) and some added constitution or intellect doesn't hurt!

    The thing I really love about shaman is that it's roleplayed in a myriad of ways. There are those shamans who go dark and witchdoctory, those who roleplay being spiritual healers, and those who focus more on the spiritualist/medium side of the class's potential. 

    This is really reflected in the wide array of practitioners in the realm (as we saw in the latest event regarding Adchachel) across both continents and all the isles surrounding them!

    Good luck on your decision - I'm sure whatever you choose, it'll be great because you're putting so much forethought into it. 
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