Nexus Scripts

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I'm mid switching to Nexus as I'm now in a variety of locations and don't always have a computer with Mudlet, but CAN always plug in my Raspberry pi and USB Wifi dongle and hit up Nexus in Chromium. To that end, I'm definitely feeling the lack of bells and whistles of scripts available for mudlet already. But I remember back in Dec there was a coding contest. Looked up the announce post and a mapper, limb counter and minimalistic UI won. I cruised through the nexus wiki for a bit but couldn't find any reflex packages to download. Where did those gems go and are there others around and available? 

I've no problem contributing to the coding effort, but starting from scratch is a bit daunting.
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  • No reason you can't use Mudlet on your Raspberry Pi... might have to build from source though.
  • @Zulah plays from a Pi when he's not playing from VR.
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