Mudlet 3.9 - custom fonts in miniconsoles

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May is here, and a new Mudlet is here!

Latency spikes

If you Mudlet on Windows with wifi, and you've had occasional spikes of lag - it could have been caused by Mudlet. This release fixes it!

If you're still getting lag after upgrading, then it's something else :(

Thanks to bbailey for finding the issue and figuring it out.

Small toolbars are back

Like your icons small? SlySven made them now available again!

Code formatter fixed for 'goto'

If you have a variable named 'goto' and format code, the formatting wouldn't work and the code would be cut off. Keneanung fixed this! However, 'goto' is used by the next version of Lua, so do not use it and rename any existing code that uses it since it won't work in the future.

Custom fonts in miniconsoles and userwindows

setFont() and getFont() are here! You can now use them to change the font in a miniconsole or a userwindow from the default Bistream Vera Sans Mono. Credit to Vadi.

New function: creplaceLine()

It's like replaceLine(), but with colours! Example:

creplaceLine("<magenta>[ALERT!]: <reset>"..line)

Klendathu added that one in. Got a handy function you think will benefit from being in Mudlet? Get in touch!

New function: getEpoch()

This one returns seconds since unix epoch with milliseconds (e.g. 1523555867.191). Thanks to salcedo for adding it in!

Behind the scenes

Keneanung has put in a ton of work updating all of the 3rd party open-source libraries Mudlet is built on, ensuring we're using the latest and greatest stuff :)


  • fixed replaceAll() failing if the length of the replaced string and the replacement string significantly differ (thanks YoureWaifuABest, keneanung, Vadi)
  • Mudlet builds with the updater disabled fixed (thanks Faenriis)


Thanks to bbailey, Faenriis, keneanung, Klendathu, salcedo, SlySven, Vadi, and YoureWaifuABest for making this release of Mudlet possible :)


  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    How come when these updates come and I restart I'll get the changelog but it can take more than one restart before mudlet actually updates to the new version? Two restarts later and I'm still on 3.8.1 and last time there was an update it took multiple restarts before it ever updated. Is there something I can do to make it update on the first one?
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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Might be your antivirus silently preventing it. Avast keeps detecting it as a false positive.

  • edited May 2018

    Okay, first, I am in love with the past couple of updates for the most part. My UI is now pretty as a butterfly.

    But! I have discovered that some built-in keybinds have been added.

    For example, I have ALT + W A S D Z X as my "dragoncurse / rend limb / breathgust" combo, but to my hilarity and dismay I discovered that ALT+D is now "disconnect from server". And ALT+E used to be "enmesh", but is now "open trigger window". Would it be possible for there to be a toggle to disable these built-in keybinds, or at least have user-made ones have precedence? Thank you! :)

    edit: for the ones asking,

       W            - head
    A S D         - larm, torso, rarm
      Z X          - lleg, rleg
  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    AVG really hates "new-mudlet-setup-seen.exe".  It keeps flagging it as malware and moving it into quarantine.
  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    I finally figured it out and got it to download last night. I didn't realize clicking on "About" and "Check for updates" would make it move on to the next stage of updating to the latest version.
    What doesn't kill you gives you exp.

  • @Mathilda - they have always been there when you enable the menubar, disabling it will turn them off.
  • @Kayeil shouldn't need to, but glad that it works! Maybe it's the same issue with the AV messing the process up.
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