YATCO GMCP Support Modification

edited April 2018 in Tech Support
Let me begin by saying thanks to Demonnic for YATCO! Anyways, I've modified YATCO (with some minor copying from Seragorn's old file) to use GMCP to capture texts. This replaces the YATCOconfig and YATCO folders you already have. No more triggers needed. Let me know if you have any problems. I did some light troubleshooting and it seems to work well. New settings added to configuration include:
Set to true if you would like an extra space inserted in between each of the echoed lines.
demonnic.chat.extraspace = false</div><div>
Set to true if you would not like to highlight names according to their color set in NDB
demonnic.chat.disablenamedb = false

Set ignored channels that will be displayed in the main window.
The name is the same given from gmcp.Comm.Channel.Text.channel
demonnic.chat.config.ignoredchannels = 

This is where you map the gmcp based channel names to your demonnic tabs...
Note: this is for example purposes, if you have tabs that match these names it will work, 
if not it will send to the All tab. 
Clans are a special case, if you do clt<ID> you can create a tab for a specific clan, if I cant
find a specific clan, I will send all clans to the default tab mabbed to by clt
demonnic.chat.config.gmcpchannelmap =
    party = "Party",
    tell = "Tells",
    ct = "City",
    ht = "House",
    hts = "House",
    hnt = "House",
    ot = "Misc",
    newbie = "Newbie",
    market = "Misc",
    ldt = "Misc",
    clt = "Clans",
    clt99 = "Specific Clan Name",


  • Under the script "Initialization Scripts"

    change the function at line 37 to:
    function demonnic.gmcpchat.enabletrigger()
      demonnic.gmcpchat.startTrig = tempTrigger("Your last login was from domain", [[

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