Not so focused on Fighting- Best class for a charismatic Dwarf?

Hello everyone!
I come to this section to ask you, wisest of the wisest, which class could help me fullfill my needs of adventure as a clever Dwarf who likes to Indiana Jones on things without shooting and the overall use of brute force.

Folmor wants to become a deceiver, silver tongue expert and a very smart Dwarf who wants to learn about this realm and make some profit and a good name for himself in pollitical and diplomatic matters.

Im currently a runewarden, and I just picked this class because I wanted to have a Falcon or a pet to follow me around, but honestly I cant find a class outside bards that might have some paths leading outside plain killing and hurting stuff

So, what do you think?


  • You can roleplay charisma as any class you want. I'm not sure what you're looking for, though, non-combat utility? Things like teleporting, scrying, and the like?
  • Kiet said:
    You can roleplay charisma as any class you want. I'm not sure what you're looking for, though, non-combat utility? Things like teleporting, scrying, and the like?
    I was reading classes often have to become part of guilds, and Usually they line up with particular personalities like paladins being all altruistic and infernals being bad dudes and the like. Is there a class that give me utilities and things like that?

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    Guilds are a concept that's over a decade outdated. You don't have to join any house to be any particular class, though aligned classes will obviously require you to not attack the faction they're aligned with, and are often restricted to either rogues or specific cities.

    As long as you avoid infernal, apostate, priest, paladin, sylvan, druid, sentinel, or occultist, you don't have to worry about factional ties at all.

  • The non-factional classes can generally be whatever you want. 

    A runewarden, for example, is a guy in plate armor with a sword. That's all. That describes Sir Galahad, The Mountain that Rides, and Don Quixote. There's no reason a runewarden couldn't be a merchant or an explorer or an adventurer or whatever else you want to be. If you like your falcon, keep the class and be whatever you want to be.
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    There are also no specific personality traits tied to any faction, really. The only vaguely enforced one is Mhaldor, in regards to being cruel, since it's one of the tenets of the City's laws, but that can be enforced with NPCs without necessarily being tied to how you treat other adventurers. 

    Anyone from any faction can be a silver-tongued, clever liar if you want. 
  • Bard. 

  • Bard and Serpent are my picks, Bard if you want to be a more honest charismatic and whimsical, serpent if you wish to be more underhanded, or have your own motives behind such acts of charisma. You can RP anything you want though, so my comment is not reinforced by anything other than "general ideas".
  • Definitely what Minifie said - go for utility, stealth, travel etc. 

    The only thing runie brings to the table for you, as you describe your goals, is that if you do need to kill something it is stupidly easy and even difficult to die as.

    Despite the crazy bashing, and easy-to-get-into pvp, I am really missing the utility abilities that I am used to on my other characters (other IRE muds). It doesn't particularly matter for my character as I have vastly different goals to yours (essentially to break into the pvp scene as a casual player). I think the class will frustrate you and even cripple your character.

  • All classes are necessarily tied to combat through their abilities. Tradeskills such as Concoctions, Forging, etc. used to be tied to specific classes and so these were a more natural mercantile outlet, but modern classes are separated from trades with only a few exceptions. Runewardens are one of these since there is a market for supplying hunting runes, though it would be very unlikely to turn much of a profit by itself.

    What you'll want to look for are utility abilities, like fast travel, ability to move between players (clients), flight/dashing/general mobility. Runewarden is again a decent choice since you can deliver items via falcon and travel home through raido, but some other classes have more options here. Jesters, which I would almost never recommend for any reason, give plenty of travel options through their puppets, hermit tarot, and universe tarot. Serpents get access to wormholes for fast travel once you learn the networks, and generally have a fair amount of utility built into their skills. Even though bard is my primary and favorite class, I actually wouldn't recommend it at all if you don't have any interest in combat, because their kit almost entirely revolves around fighting.

    Your class choice is really only as tethered to your character as you choose. A serpent can be underhanded and sneaky, or eschew deception in pursuit of an honest trade. A bard can be honest in their charisma, or use it for deception. Nothing without a factional link has any sort of set archetype, and even then there's plenty of room to grow into your own niche.

  • I love the flying and tracking I get as druid (I'm so spoiled. When playing other classes I'm like, "what is this WALKING thing? lame! ) But.. then... Druid is factional, so probably not the right choice. Druid has really fun utility though.

    At least you'll get track once you reach dragon.
  • Bard. With Chorale you can bring people together once in awhile for exp boosts and maybe an opportunity for social time.
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