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Hey everyone!

Just a quick question.  I am having trouble deciding which class I would like to play as.  Between all of the classes, I think I have it narrowed down to 3: Druid, Paladin, and Depthswalker.

I have previous knowledge on playing a druid from my time spent in Aetolia, and it sounds like the guild that miss (closest thing they have now is Shamans).  I love the groves ability.
Paladin, I mainly like the idea of having the falcon.  It was always something that interested me, and I like the idea of devotion vs. necromancy, hence deciding not to be an infernal.
Depthswalker just sounds cool lol.

Now, here is what I have to remember when I am picking a class:

Honestly, I will be playing for short bursts, mostly at work.  I am needing something that I can do a few things, then leave without issues.
I do not plan on doing pvp at all.  I just don't feel like I could do it as well as I could when I was playing Aetolia hardcore (a bit over 10 yrs ago)
Secondary classes.....this is where I am kind of stuck.  I understand that you can get skills from other classes, but is it the ability to take all 3 skills, or just the ones prior to embrace.  Ideally I could be a druid that also gets a falcon, but I am not sure it is possible, since chivalry comes from embracing the paladin class.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any advice you could give.  Tips on helping me get back into the swing of things is always helpful.  I kind of have an issue with going OOC, and I never seem to say things correctly to the right people (oh the times I've been yelled at for going OOC, even in tells).


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  • PS I am someone who doesn't mind OOC in tells, especially if it has OOC tags like this: // but even if not - so feel free to talk to me in game. I hate OOC on public channels, but tells are fine. 
  • Multiclass allows you to have multiple classes - and you can get all three skills for that class once you embrace it, and can then learn them to Transcendent - but you can only use one class at a time (and there's a cooldown on switching, though also ways to reduce that cooldown). There are also factional restrictions on classes you can have together, so you wouldn't be able to have both the Druid and Paladin classes as the same character. You can be a Druid and a Depthswalker or a Paladin and a Depthswalker, but mechanically you only ever have access to the skills of one of those classes at any given time.

    As Druid and Paladin are both factional classes, your choices for city would also be limited by choosing either of those. You can only join Eleusis as a Druid, and you can only join Targossas as a Paladin, but you can be either and not join any city.

    If you're not going to do any PvP at all, what are you going to be doing? Knowing your primary focus for your playing time might help.
  • EziEzi
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    Antonius said:
    If you're not going to do any PvP at all, what are you going to be doing? Knowing your primary focus for your playing time might help.
    Mostly bashing, and walking around to get to know where everything is.  I haven't decided what I will be doing in the long run, but I think I will be doing it as a druid.  I miss my grove lol
  • Beg devs for a Cross class paladin as druid, licking your lips at chivalry/weaponmastery/metamorphosis

    end up with groves/devotion/reclamation.

    I am biased, 
    but Paladin of the 3. Knight can’t be beat, and infernal/runie may be better, but I can’t pass up the splendor of knightlore. 

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