How to Create A Character/Sample Characters

Hi. A friend of mine spoke to me about this a few months ago. She's known people that, while good at rping a character already created, had little to no clue on just how to create a brand new character. I told her I'd make a discussion about it, as well as creating sample characters for people to use. Months later, here it is.

First, in Achaea, you have to realize that this is a medieval fantasy world. You're not going to around with uzis or launch torpedos at submarines.
Two, you have to remember that you have nearly limitless possibilities (within medieval fantasy world parameters). Let your imagination run wild.
Three. How your character develops from the initial creation is up to you. This realm does have consequences and rewards to actions, so remember that also. to create a BRAND NEW CHARACTER.

-First. Male or Female? (This decides the gender the character is, not whether you have to play strictly as that gender.)
-Two. Race? Atavian, Dwarf, Grook, Horkval, Human, Mhun, Rajamala, Satyr, Siren, Tash'la, Troll, Tsol'aa, Xoran? (Note: Sireni are females, Satyr are males.)
-Three. Who is your character? What are they like? A few questions you can ask are: What positive traits does my character have? What negative traits? What annoys/angers the heck out of 'em? What unique quirks does my character have?
-Four. Using the traits from Three, decide what class your character will be. Alchemist, Apostate, Bard, Blademaster, Depthswalker, Druid, Infernal, Jester, Magi, Monk, Occultist, Paladin, Priest, Runewarden, Sentinel, Serpent, Shaman, Sylvan?

Now, a sample character, interviewed by Bruyan's unheard of apprentice.

In a strange room somewhere in the World Tree, a simply clad youth looks at a Grook. The Grook hunches over at about 4 feet 8. His olive skin is slick with the oils necessary to ensure it doesn't dry out. Thin pale green lines run across his hands from experimentation in the darker arts. His purple bulbous eyes glare around him with a detached interest, the black pupils in them catching every hint of light. When he smiles, razor sharp teeth can be seen, although his slender frame indicates they have had little usage.

Apprentice:O yeshi, oh yeshi! Stranger from the Prime is here! Who are you?

Grook: I am called Raesha Blackbramble. Why have you brought me to this hellish location?

Apprentice looks about the small square confused. The pale cobblestones are clear of grass. The air is hot and dry with the sun high overhead.

Apprentice: O yeshi...Strange Raesha calls this place hellish. Why?

Raesha: I spend all of my time in the water near Polyargos unless my studies in Aeonics leads me up to the hellish overworld. It is hot, dry, and by the
way...You really should bathe more. Your shirt has a wine stain on it, and from the smell of it, an inferior wine. You lack elegance. You are uneducated. A pity you cannot go back in time to fix your problems. Were you raised on a farm?

Apprentice glances at his shirt, then noticing the stain, chuckles.

Apprentice: O yeshi! I am educated... I can read. How did you know all of these things, Raesha?

Raesha:in a detached voice My parents left my egg in Muurn Lake near Cyrene. I was raised by Indalecio and educated by the best scholars in the city. The wine is obvious. I have a superior sense of smell and an excellent taste in wine and other fine things. The way you move is crude, almost as if you can't figure out how to do anything besides swing either a plow or a scythe. In addition, I can see the small luck charm you carry on your side. A hoe crossing a shovel in front of a symbol of the sun. How quaint.

An older male walks by. His tunic and breeches are worn. Although he grips a wooden cane with gnarled hands, it is obvious that he can barely move.

Raesha: We will continue this another time if I feel generous. Good day.

Raesha walks to the man and helps him walk to his home. Just as soon as the man enters his home, a small pouch of gold sovereigns is slipped to the old man. As the old man turns to thank Raesha, the Grook has already disappeared.


  • Alright. It's time for the next character sample.

    Deep within the tavern, "A Weaver's Arms", a young Tsol'aa hesitantly approaches a young apprentice. She barely notices what he's wearing as she coughs quietly near him.

    Tsol'aa: You wished to meet me?

    The apprentice looks at her. Standing at about five feet six inches tall, she has wildly flowing amber hair that makes her seem mysterious. In sharp contrast to that, her scared violet eyes, the small aquiline nose in her heart shaped face, and her hunched frame gives indication of an inner fear or wildness.

    Apprentice: O yeshi...I did. I heard a traveller from the Prime boast about how he'd seen a beautiful mysterious girl in the Aalen Forest.

    Tsol'aa: did...He was mistaken.

    Tsol'aa hangs her head in fear. The apprentice feels a pang of sympathy, then hands the girl a clay growler of Dryad's Revenge. She sniffs it, then hesitantly takes a sip. As the floral flavours cascade down her throat, she visibly relaxes, then leans against the apprentice's chair.

    Tsol'aa: quietly, but in a more confident tone I'll tell you what you want to know. I had Ta'hena read the letter to me. I'm called Tsolu of the Redwood. My parents are from Eleusis, which is my home. I am a Sentinel. I dislike meetings, I enjoy dancing, I enjoy ale, and I dislike city dwellers who have excuses for hurting the Earthmother.

    The apprentice is slightly taken aback by her forthrightedness. As his mouth opens slightly in shock, he attempts a reply.

    Apprentice: O ye.yeshi.. o...

    Tsolu: interrupting O I'll finish. I came up here because the village elders said I needed to explore the world. I will only remain here if there's something worth my you, cutie. takes another drink of the ale I can teach you of the ways of the forest. Leave this town, join me. Dance with the butterflies and serve the Earth Mother. Protect it.

    She leave the tavern with the apprentice following behind her. A few days later, they are dancing in the forest when a shout startles everyone.

    Bruyan: O yez! O yez! Idiot apprentice becomes smitten by Tsol'aa girl from Prime and leaves promising future! O yez! O yez!
  • In general, I stress over a lot before I actually make my character. Initially start with concept - irreverent scholar, etc. - which leads to a decision of city in Achaea. From there I work on which class I feel fits the concept with secondary consideration of class mechanics. If I'm having trouble deciding between two based on concept I'll fall back on which class has mechanics but that's been a rare scenario in the past. After that I think about personality traits and quirks that I think would make for interesting. And then I try to flesh it out during game play.
  • I like these! Are you going to keep going? I'm reminded of a friend of mine who said that she didn't want to play an original character because it's "too easy." If we have character ideas like this in our forums for people who think like that, that it's too easy unless someone else has created the character, then they have the challenge they want as an option. I especially like that your examples have the character interact, rather than just describing the character as if it were some sort of report.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Boosteya said:
    I like these! Are you going to keep going? I'm reminded of a friend of mine who said that she didn't want to play an original character because it's "too easy." If we have character ideas like this in our forums for people who think like that, that it's too easy unless someone else has created the character, then they have the challenge they want as an option. I especially like that your examples have the character interact, rather than just describing the character as if it were some sort of report.
    I'm going to keep going...which reminds me about this next guy who's rather strange...

  • My fav so far. My first alt is going to be a paranoid, delusional serpent 
  • Alright... So, new example.

    Near the altar to the elements somewhere on the Tree of Yggdrasil, a young woman kneels. Her long amber hair is braided then twisted into a neat, well ordered bun at the nape of her neck. Her height is fairly short for a human although with her knees bent it's difficult to tell. Her alabaster skin is unmarred by the sun and she glances up at the man approaching with a set of large almond shaped violet eyes that rest above a cute button nose and pale pink full lips.

    The apprentice approaches quietly, trying not to disturb her. However he opens his mouth repeatedly as he struggles to control his urge to greet her.

    Kneeling woman: in a compassionate, voice that is as sweet as a morning dove's coo Greetings. Please, do not worry about interrupting me. I am just performing my morning meditations before I join Father in the chapel.

    The apprentice approaches her as he feels peace emanating from her. He glances near her, squinting as he attempts to make out the hazy shape nearby. She smiles softly at him.

    Kneeling woman: turns towards her right Radiant one, I humbly ask you to come forth. Please lend your guidance and strength so this man will find the courage to face the unknown.

    A guardian angel appears next to her. The apprentice opens his mouth, closes it, opens it again, then finally nears them, bowing low to the kneeling woman and the guardian angel.

    Apprentice: Oh yezzahs. I'm the towncrier's apprentice.

    Kneeling woman: laughs softly as she stands up. Her laugh sounds like a dove's whistling song I am Laheera Lightsong. I live in Jaru where I study and pray with Father Garron. I guess I am his apprentice although he is the only family I have ever known.

    Apprentice: Oh yezzahs! What happened to your family? Mine is still mining but they wanted me to have a glorious future without all of the hard physical labour.

    Laheera: I do not know. He found me wandering near the docks as a child the morning after a very strong storm had struck the coast. It hit Jaru, Shastaan, and New Hope. He tried to help me find my family by asking adventurers about the few memories I had.

    Laheera frowns slightly, smiling faintly as she feels her guardian angel spread her warm to the young woman.

    Laheera: At first they tried to get me to board ships but I fainted every time I stepped on the plank. Pink petals helped me remember warm baths. Cookies helped me remember time spent in a kitchen. I followed the people who gathered fruits and vegetables from the farms, instinctively getting the seeds also. I sensed who was sincere, who was not, and who came from Ashtan, Hashan, and Mhaldor. I always got a chill when I saw or was near them.

    Apprentice: Oh yezzahs! I will try to help find your family!

    Laheera gives the apprentice a chaste kiss on the cheek before leaving. The apprentice can only stare at the departing young woman, then kneels before the altar.

    Apprentice: Oh yezzahs! I thank you for this innocent, dutiful, sweet young woman you put in my path! Oh yezzahs!

  • Time for another sample character because hey, why not?

    A young man stands shouting in Loramere. His voice echoes as he shouts the local happenings with, "Oh yezzahs!" It is mid day when a slender man runs past him. Soon a breathtakingly beautiful young woman is about to run past him when he stops her. Her eyes are different colours. One is a rich, vibrant amber. The other is ice blue. Her long blond hair drifts about in waves from a high ponytail. Her aquiline nose and pale lips along with her faint tan give indication of a noble heritage. A blue sash is around her waist, holding a sword in place.

    She scowls at the young man who stopped her, her hand dropping to her blade's hilt.

    Young woman: You have less than five seconds to let me pass before I cut you down.

    Apprentice: looks at young woman with interest Oh, yezzahs! Who are you, fair lady? Why are you in a rush?

    Young woman: Searan Lighthawk, blademaster from Targossas. The slender man killed one of our novices and stole his gold. Four.

    Apprentice: Oh, yezzahs! Why did he do that?

    Searan: He's a thief and an idiot like yourself. Three.

    Apprentice: Oh, yezzahs! But I'm not an idiot!

    Searan: After I cut him down I'll return the gold, harvest, and perhaps quest here after giving Bruyan your corpse. Two.

    Apprentice: Oh, yezzahs! But wait! I don't want to...

    Searan: One.

    Apprentice: remains standing where he is in an act of defiance. Without hesitation Searan draws Ivory Sun, cutting the apprentice's soul from his body in four swift strokes before resheathing the blade in one move. Without hesitation she runs after the slender man who immediately hands her the gold then turns himself in to the constable. After his prompt execution she leaves after handing Bruyan his apprentice's corpse.

    A few moments later.....

    Bruyan: Oh yez! Bruyan lost another apprentice to idiocy! Handsome town crier is looking for an apprentice again who isn't suicidal!
  • Guess what time it is? Time for a new sample char.

    Bruyan is standing on the cobblestones. He is shouting, "O yez!" and the recent news. A young Atavian of about eighteen-nineteen years walks up to him. His face is dark as the darkest brown, his eyes glimmer black. His head is shaven except for one thinly braided beard that reaches his throat. In one hand he has a blood-red quill. In the other he has a pale brown feather that was plucked from his six feet width of wings.

    Bruyan: O yez! Who might you be?

    Atavian: I am Alezxinro Debassian. I am here to apply for this apprenticeship you keep shouting about.

    Bruyan: walks closer O yez! Why should I let you become my apprentice?

    Alezxinro: quietly I hunt, I mine, I extract, I am a scholar. I fight enemies, I spot most things. There is little that I have not done or seen.

    Bruyan begins asking questions about the things happening in the world and around them. Alezxinro answers them quickly, pointing out more detail than Bruyan notices. Time flies until Bruyan stops as he notices the sun high overhead.

    Bruyan: buys a sandwich from a local peddler O yez! It is lunchtime! Are you ready to become my apprentice?

    Alezxinro takes a fresh heart from his pack and begins to eat it. Bruyan glances at it and pales. Bruyan moves away from him.

    Alezxinro: You did not realize I am an apostate from Mhaldor? Let a man eat in peace, light weight.

    Bruyan leaves the area for three months until he is certain Alezxinro has left.

    Bruyan: shouts: O yez! Handsome towncrier no longer seeking apprentices! Handsome towncrier is now the only towncrier, o yez!
  • I hope this isn't the end of this thread! If @Lii is done, I hope others have example characters! I can give it a go, I suppose, but I won't be as good as Lii.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • Boosteya said:
    I hope this isn't the end of this thread! If @Lii is done, I hope others have example characters! I can give it a go, I suppose, but I won't be as good as Lii.
    Don't worry, @Boosteya, it isn't. Just remember that we all know a lot ofpeople want to be just like Bruyan.
  • It's long overdue, but here is my next one.

    A web bomb blows up near a man who looks like Bruyan. The square is dark as the darkest nights and as the man untangles himself, he looks about himself trying to find who set the bomb off.

    Man: Oh yaz! Where is person who placed timed bomb?

    From the shadows a thick horkval voice echoes: Zsarachnor! I knew itss you! Why've you sstolen my bombs and iron? Why have you sstolen my wife and kidsss? Why have you ssstolen the REAL Jewel of the Easst?

    Man: Oh yaz! I am Mika, a worshiper of Bruyan! I don't steal!

    Horkval: suspiciously Oh and I am not Brindleo of Mannassseh Swamp! You can't fool me, you imposseur!!

    Mika: Oh yaz! Can I at least see your face?

    Brindleo: still hidden I look like a praying mantisss on two legsss and I'm blacker than your nightmaresss. Now give me what you stole!

    Mika: shouts so he's heard everywhere and on the Prime I DID NOT STEAL YOUR BOMBS, YOUR IRON, YOUR WIFE, YOUR KIDS, OR THE REAL JEWEL OF THE EAST! OH YAZZ!


    brief pause


    three more bombs go off before a bunch of constables rush in. In the confusion Brindleo escapes.
  • None of these characters have piggy companions...
  • You know...You're right, Mezghar. Time to fix that.
  • @Mezghar Here are your piggy companions. Enjoy. :p

    A cheerful Tash'la whistles jauntily as he walks into the square where a man, Milka is. Her voice is sweet as a flute, a trilling alto as she is followed by 26 animals, seemingly singing just for their pleasure. Her eyes are sapphire, her rocky exterior is a crystal clear aquamarine. Her tusks extend a couple of inches from her jaw and are shiny.

    Tash'la woman: singing Oh Alexandro and Berunito and Chario too! Dartrimino and Eleustino and Fabricano too! On Gerurinao and Herutaio and Ielaio woo!

    Milka: Oh Yazz! Who are you beautiful leader of 26 pigs! Why are you singing?

    Tash'la woman: in a sing-song voice Oh I am Mirakna of the Court of Shadows and these piggy friends to my music follow!

    Mirakna: continues singing Oh Jereio and Kerio and Larioo see! Miriano and Niliano and Opeaino to me! Peropio and Querio and Romeo blue! Serigio and Teriflio and Umbicio do! Varioro and Wariorio and Xerio before Yanio and Zanio!!

    Milka: Oh Yazz! Why do you have so many pets?

    Mirakna: in a sing-song voice They keep me company and jest you wait for these friends of the Shadow Runewarden won't abate! They follow me through word and song and together we eat truffles all the morning long!

    Mirakna begins walking around Milka. Soon he is surrounded by a circle of pigs and hesitantly reaches out to pet one. The pig rubs up against his hand while another one snuffles in the pack at his side and eats what looks like a ham and bacon sandwich.

    Mirakna: scolding while singing Miriano you know better too now kind sir I owe you dinner this time just for two?

    Milka and Mirakna go to a local restaurant to eat. Soon they become animated as they talk about farms. Bruyan arrives back at the square after not having heard anything for days on end. In a farmhouse nearby MIlka and Mirakna raise their family of pigs.

    Bruyan shouts: O yez! Handsome town crier has returned from vacation to an empty square! Pig owner marries worshiper of me! O yez!!

  • It has been perhaps too long, but here is another sample character.


    It is midnight upon the plaza. Bruyan steps out from the tavern after hearing a strange sound.

    Bruyan: O yez! Who is here?

    All that is heard is a cat knocking down a pitchfork. Bruyan walks around the plaza, determined to find the source of the strange sound he heard earlier. Soon, his candle within his hand illuminates an Atavian clad in black.
    Atavian winces as he attempts to hide in the shadows away from the light. It's evident he's in great pain.

    Atavian: The light! It burns!!

    Bruyan: in a concerned, but slightly confused tone O yez! How does my candlelight burn you, stranger? Did you make the noise earlier, o yez!?

    Atavian manages to hide in the shadows again. He is unable to be seen, not even the bright blue of his eyes nor the ebon locks of his fair hair.

    Atavian: You may call me Ratho Silverwing. I am an Arcadian depthswalker without a city. I fear light. The ball of hellish torment in the sky burns me. I have almost died by any exposure to it.

    Bruyan quickly extinguishes his candle and, sensing a story, presses onward.

    Bruyan: O yez! Handsome towncrier Bruyan has not heard of this before! Are you a vampire?

    Ratho: impatiently Oh, don't be stupid, old friend. Don't dare put me with that lower class of barely cognizant beasts. It is a simple disease not even the temple healer could cure. The Skylord made me this way, then one of His Farethi taught me how to use the shadows and depthswalker abilities. I owe them my life.

    After several moments has passed...

    Ratho: sardonically Do you have any more questions, o towncrier, o yez?

    Bruyan: O yez! Tell me more about yourself! O yez!

    The air around Bruyan is still again without any hint of sound. Bruyan spends the rest of the night attempting to find Ratho, but to no avail.

    Next day...

    Bruyan:shouts: OH YEZ! Handsome towncrier wants information about strange Atavian Depthswalker from Arcadia! Oh yez!!
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