Achaean pathfinder DnD!

Hi all, looking to host a DnD using discord and Roll20:
when: Wednesday or thursday 9pm AEDST ( Wednesday or thursday 10am GMT)
What: DnD is the classic tabletop roleplaying game, roll20 gives us all the tools to play over internet, with discord allowing for voice comms if people find it easier as well! 
Why: Because I like having people die to gelatinous cubes
huh: wha?
what to bring: Yourself, fun, headset (mic not necessary, but for clarity I find it easier to be able to speak to peeps) Consistency!

For those interested, PM me, and I'll sort numbers, this will start potentially 4/5 of April, but if you are interested and the time is a bit off speak to me and we'll see what can be organised. -> the entire rule set

If you have any questions though about the game or want help, I'm on discord and here!

@Accipiter happy?


  • Is Accipter's offical spokesperson : Yes.
  • If anyone else wants to learn or play, post your times local and GMT here for me and I'll also see if people line up. I might not be able to do it for people who are all in at 4am AEDST but if enough people are there to create another group I don't mind running a third campaign.
  • I'd be down, but I'd also have to learn. Haven't even looked at dnd in years. If you don't mind hand-holding, I'm usually around by 7pm EST( I'll have to check the GMT)
  • All new players are welcome, interest is the most important thing! 
  • I suppose that's 11 pm GMT, so I'm a tad off. But I'd absolutely be interested.
  • I'd be down, but I'm not sure I can attend scheduled times
    ..... :( (And I also have never done it before.) 

    Any peoples around between 1-6 pm GMT? (My local time is Central, but my free time is mornings rather than evenings.)
  • i'd love to learn how to play dnd, I've never played before, but I'm only free after 5 gmt on weekdays due to work :disappointed:
  • Keep posting, I’ll put all the times together and organise at least a second group!
  • I'm typically around past 1PM GMT, would be more than interested in this. I am very inexperienced though.
  • Why you gotta do this at 4 am my time :(

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • I never fully grasp how widespread the playerbase is til stuff like this comes around...
  • the thing is I wouldn’t mind seeing if I could host more than 2 games, but I’d definitely still need to try and find work and handle that too. Maybe the government will let me get a dungeonmaster allowance? :smirk:
  • I can always run an evening game for those of us that can't make Minifies game, I wish I could :( I will make a separate post so as not to hijack this one.
    I wish I could throw off the thoughts which poison my happiness, but I take a kind of pleasure in indulging them.
  • I certainly can't make 4am PST, but I've been interested in scratching my tabletop itch.
  • Rispok said:
    I certainly can't make 4am PST, but I've been interested in scratching my tabletop itch.
    That'd be 3AM for PST, since it's 5AM for me CST.

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    I can play Thursday if still available! I haven't played before but I have the resources and can read ahead before hand. If anyone else needs the resources, let me know in game and I can send you a link.

  • Minifie said:

    @Accipiter happy?
  • I can GM another session if anyone wants to do it! I've got Starfinder, Pathfinder, and DnD 5th Ed!
  • so for those who prefer Wednesday and thursday, I can either host both at the same times, or host a second at a better time for a second group. For this wednesday, we have a lot of newbies, so I'll do an intro and character building session, and then start proper the following week, that way people don't feel overwhelmed on day dot. 

    So far (although not all confirmed, but seems a go) for wednesday are:

    friend of mine who's in (another ossie)

    A lot of others with varying times, but if a good "middle" time can be found happy to host another campaign! will be hosting 2 which is fine, and the second one (as long as it isn't friday/saturday at a really ridiculous hour) I can pretty much do anytime.
  • Actually, I just realized I work on Thursday (I must have been looking at next week's calendar) but I am done on Wednesday by 4pm EST which is 8pm GMT. I think you were planning on 10am GMT?

  • yes, 10am gmt on wednesday, which would make the wed group:

    possibly accipiter

    Which would make a heck of a campaign :D
  • Dude
  • How long do you think we may play this session? 

  • This session coming won’t be super long, basically setting up chars for those whom’ve never played or want to learn, after that sessions will probably be in 2-3 hour chunks, hopefully peppered with plenty of opportunities for combat, story and the odd WHY IS THIS CAVE FULL OF GELATINOUS CUBES WHYWHYWHY!?!?
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    Here is a Discord server:

    I'll endeavour to add as much as I can to make it a single resource hub, and branch it out to allow people to get their friends to join campaigns, achaean or not, though I am still quite busy for a few more days so it won't be immensely updated instantaneously!

    This is also the first discord server I've managed, so do let me know if I've doinked anything!

  • Had a great response so far! Really appreciate the people joining in, even if it's just to learn, and the people who are helping out too. 
  • Mini apparently broke the roll20 site last night and it still isn't up.
  • Nice job mini.

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

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