Dragon Limb counter

Okay so I am trying to make a dragon limb counter and I am not sure how my pictures will look so if anyone wants to chat in game that's cool too. basically I was trying to make functions where if I hit shield, rebounding, or parry it's not going to track it. I was doing something with svo.boxDisplay. Let's say the person breaks on 4 hits I was doing something like this...

function dlimb ()
if count == 1 then
svo.boxDisplay("RIGHT LEG HIT","green:black")
elseif count == 2 then
svo.boxDisplay("RIGHT LEG HIT","yellow:black")
elseif count == 3 then
svo.boxDisplay("RIGHT LEG HIT","orange:black")
elseif count == 4 then
svo.boxDisplay("RIGHT LEG BROKEN","red:black")

(this is in a trigger)--
(My dlimb is in a script maybe I need to move it to a trigger not sure)--
(my parry function was also in a trigger)--
(Also at first my count increase was added to my rend alias which after I woke up today I realized made no sense so that could of been an issue or maybe it's the svo.boxDisplay maybe they don't work in an elseif statement.)--

the original function of dlimb is set at count = 0 and I was trying do something like if hit was successful (no parry) then count = count + 1 (maybe I'm using the wrong syntax too?) but, another problem is integrating dlimb with the parrying, rebounding and shield also I think I need something for different breaks like I think it's health related to how many hits breaks a limb if anyone has those numbers cool... I'm not necessarily looking for a GUI or anything just something that's better than SVO's dragon limb counter that generic (right leg is 1/4 isn't exactly easy to see). If anyone has a counter that's cool too. THIS IS IN MUDLET.  Thanks in advance for any help. Also I'm sure I will get at least one person that says why are you trying to fight in dragon? Well I'm not just the counter bothers me lol.


  • All the trigger lines are working right too already tested those for example the parry one correctly displays the box.

    --function parry ()
    --parr = true

    is in a trigger 

    function dlimb ()
    count = 1

    is in a script 
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