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Long story short, I created a character and before even finishing the tutorial , I decided that I wanted to be a different class.  I used the suicide command, but 2 days later, the name is still unavailable for me to use. (I have since learned that I could have just changed classes >.>)

Does anyone know how long the name will be unavailable?

Thank you for taking the time to assist me!


  • For future ref, you can just change a character's class easily enough. As a novice, it doesn't cost you anything.
  • I figured that out after I had used the command lol
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    I believe it's about 2 weeks.

    May I recommend that you make a character and feel the game out as you wait, as long as you don't progress to far you should be able to namechange to Ezi when it is free again.
  • I didn't realize we could name change as well.  Ezi was the character I created to post here.  I played Aeotlia years ago, and have always been a fan of IR MUDs.  Seems most of the things I enjoyed about Aetolia was incorporated into this one, as that game became more vampirish.  Thank you all for the assistance and home to see you in world!
  • Heh, I did the exact same thing and now I'm struggling on if I want to keep my name as Cigol or namechange to Valabrax, the one I suicided.

    It's causing me more stress than I care to admit.
  • Flip a coin. It's how you solve many of life's pressing problems. If it's a very pressing problem, flip an imaginary coin.
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