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  • Brenex said:
    Brenex said:
    Update for the script! Changes can be found in the NightfallUI folder in the Scripts section and here:
    • -- 03/24/2018
    • -- -- Added correct syntax for checking if YATCO is installed in 'Initialize GUI' at the bottom
    • -- -- Fixed the hardcoding of the font-size in 'gmcp.Char.Vitals' to be dynamic with a variable
    • -- -- Made SkillBar module able to be toggled on and off and reorganized startup process which 
    • -- -- -- proceeds with loading saved variables first then initializing the GUI
    The link in this post seems to work. 
    For the lazy:

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    I've been keeping busy this past week compliments of A&K's previous work:

  • *Targeting 
  • In my defense, it's the old British way of spelling it which is very apropos 

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
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    Brenex said:
    I use SVO and that doesn't happen to me so I don't know what that is. What happens when you click a name?

    Also, line 53 in 'Initialize GUI' should actually be: 'if demonnic and and then' so that needs to be changed. I just installed nightfallUI and then afterwards installed YATCO in a clean profile. I reloaded the profile and it correctly puts the YATCO window where it needs to be.

    I'm also noticing this issue. It looks like Yatco defaults are overriding the container information after everything is loaded. It will start in the correct location for the GUI, and then jump out to its default position as soon as text is entered. Interesting little thing. It is persisting through multiple restarts, and resetting the GUI does not affect its position. I'm wondering if adding the container name to the Yatco configuration file would be a permanent fix.

          Interesting little bit, Lua repositions the window, and it holds after everything is loaded, however, after closing and restarting Mudlet, it must be entered again to maintain the position. There is something else firing to alter the position after the GUI is rendered. No idea what.

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    For testing purposes, I am currently able to replicate the issue using the sb on/off aliases.

  • I'm not sure why it's doing that for you. I just installed Nightfall on another computer in a clean profile and then installed YATCO config with no issue. I then installed YATCO and restarted my profile. It puts the chatbox where it is supposed to be upon restart.


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    Also, the timing of when things are loaded for the GUI shouldn't be dependent on the order of folders in the script window because the GUI isn't loaded until saved variables are loaded (nightfallUI.miscLoad()) which will occur after all the scripts not behind a function are loaded. demonnicOnStart() also runs on sysload so it might be problematic there but I have Yatco installed after nightfall (i.e. more recently installed) and it works fine

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    hmm. I'll have to test more

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    what version of yatco are you installing?

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    hmm. Maybe it was a bad download. Downloaded it again, fresh install and it appears to be working fine, at least for the last hour or so. Weird indeed. Great UI though, Brenex!

    Suggestions for the Combat tab:
         - It looks like you were already playing with the AK implementation.

         - For bashing, putting the denizen health percent in the window would be nice.

         - Visual limb counter.

    That's all I can think of presently. That's some solid real-estate right there though.

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    I'm not sure about being able to fit limb tracking in there. I am going to brain storm where it can fit in. I cut down on some space but it's still a WIP. I am rewriting quite a bit of AK as I didn't need the offense from it. Also, the healing logic wasn't correct so I am finishing tweaking that

  • An option to remove the Score would be great to. At lvl 110, with 2m gold on me, and a race / class that rarely changes this static information is just taking up useable space.

    Just a thought to add in other possibilities. 

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • Sobriquet said:
    An option to remove the Score would be great to. At lvl 110, with 2m gold on me, and a race / class that rarely changes this static information is just taking up useable space.

    Just a thought to add in other possibilities. 
    talk for yourself! I just watched my level rise over a weekend as my health dove in direct relation!

    *stumbles and falls on the cat again*
  • Can someone link me to the YATCO chat? I can't seem to find a reliable most-recent version.
  • Thanks. Also, the various sizes don't seem to stay what I set them after I qq/save/close Mudlet. I'd prefer not to have to set the font sizes every time, so if you can point me specifically to where those are stored, that'd be greatly appreciated. I'll do it manually.
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    weird. Here you go:

        {variable =  "nightfallUI.char.fontsize",
        {variable = "nightfallUI.gui.tab_fontsize",
        {variable = "nightfallUI.gui.body_fontsize",
        {variable = "nightfallUI.RoomInfo.body_fontsize",
        {variable = "nightfallUI.SkillBar.gui.toggleBox_fontsize",

  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    Sobriquet said:
    An option to remove the Score would be great to. At lvl 110, with 2m gold on me, and a race / class that rarely changes this static information is just taking up useable space.

    Just a thought to add in other possibilities. 
    Realistically, you can just go into the scripts and have it display whatever you want it to display by changing the echos.

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    -- 04/16/2018
    -- -- Initial combat additions for the combat tab,
    -- -- *Affliction tracking other than shielding, rebounding not working yet
    -- -- Made RoomInfo headers clickable to hide contents
    -- -- Be able to hide tabs in the nightfall menu
    -- -- Lots of fixes for the Targeting scripting
    -- -- Misc fixes here and there (quite a lot), aliases, triggers

    Newest update. I was going to work on one thing and ended up spending hours trying to fix the stupid targeting module. It works well after giving the profile a restart after installing. This is what it will look like with afflictions. I might color code the afflictions to its respective lock class to be able to easily see which affliction belong to which herb queue.

    also, I accidentally left two debug lines in. Delete "display(target.." gmcpCharScoreGrab")" and "display(target.." gmcpTargetGrab")"

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    Bah, and to fix targeting for adventurers, change in "Targetting Base Scripts":

    function nightfallUI.Combat.targetRoomPresence()
    -- When Set == id, target is in your room
      if == gmcp.IRE.Target.Set then


    function nightfallUI.Combat.targetRoomPresence()
    -- ID of -1 means it's an adventurer
      if == "-1" then
    target = gmcp.IRE.Target.Info.short_desc:lower()
    target_id = ""
    -- When Set == id, target is in your room
     elseif == gmcp.IRE.Target.Set then

  • Just uninstall the first and install the new part to update, right? Or is there an easier way? 
  • correct

  • Pretty sweet UI, thanks for sharing.
    I don't understand how to make the skillbar do anything, or show anything?
    I logged on as a newbie depthswalker I made a while back to test out the feel of the class, as you already have images for some of those skills.
    I made sure to copy the images into the profile folder.
    The only thing I can see I've done differently is that it is not the default 'Achaea' profile. That shouldn't be a problem though, right?

  • Pretty sure you have to add your own things to it. It doesn't come preconfigured, judging by what the help menu says.

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    You add whatever you want to it using the commands explained in 'sb'. Pictures need to be named according to the examples in the folder provided (skill.ability.png). This goes in your profile folder (.../.config/mudlet/profiles/Achaea/NightfallUI/images)

  • Yeah I've been trying but don't quite know how.
    Now that I have the syntax for the sb add alias closer to correct, it keeps insisting that I run AB before using the skill bar.

    I did though, and have run it again since then to make sure.

    I want to get it to work because it should be trivial to change the clickcallbacks on those buttons to point at a function which will run my own attack aliases. Touch screen on my laptop so I don't need to use the mouse and Brenex's skillbar becomes quite useful instead of something to just disable despite it looking great.
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    try changing line 9 in 'SkillBar Add/Remove Bars' to 'if nightfallUI.SkillBar.skills.battlerage and nightfallUI.SkillBar.skills.battlerage[skill] then icon = "battlerage."..skill..".png"'

    I just made a new character and found that I was missing a check for characters that have not unlocked battlerage yet. Once I did that it worked. I also realize I need better documentation in the 'sb' help menu like... maybe an example lol

  • Thanks for that Brenex. I'll test it out tonight. 
    Silly that I thought I was helping by testing on a newb alt, and that was the problem.
  • Whenever I use a DW skill and age, the text over the Age Gauge becomes supersized (the default size, which I don't like being so big) and remains too big until I reset the UI. Is there any way to have it keep the smaller text of the other gauges when they update?
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