So I've been playing forever and since using the in-game queue is a thing now I could use a bit of help for someone to break it down for me as I find HELP QUEUE not too understandable. I understand that making aliases and sending them as a queue is a thing and I know how BUT class queue can only run  2 commands? Equilibrium queue doesn't add movement but balance does? Does it make sense to clear queue at every command?? Thanks in advance! Prepend class doesn't work?? What exactly does addclear do and how to best use it? I'm not for full auto!


  • Cq all;queue add equal stand'parry'mount'kick baby

    Replace ' with your command separator. 
  • Adding to the eqbal queue adds your command to run after anything else in the eqbal queue, prepend will place to the front. In either situation, all things that you queue will be run when you next regain eqbal. Addclear will clear the queue before adding to it, which ensures that nothing else will be run. Serverside separators do work with add/prepend/addclear, but only if you're not using any separators outside of the queue itself.

    Class queues work differently. Adding to a class queue always behaves like addclear.
  • Just as an interesting note, if your separator in mudlet is the same as your server separator, weird things can happen
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